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The RSU Faculty of Dentistry has the most advanced pre-clinical dental training centre in Northern Europe. 32 simulators with phantom heads are available for teaching purposes, as well as nine virtual simulators for reconstructive dentistry, four for – maxillofacial surgery, and nine electronic microscopes for teaching dental histology. 1.6 million euros has been invested in this training base. 

Contemporary teaching of medicine and dentistry increasingly involves the use of teaching technologies which include programmed complex clinical situations. This allows students and patients to safely learn the skills and competencies and acquire the knowledge required by doctors, and to graduate from university as world-class specialists.

At the pre-clinical training base students learn surgical anatomy and operations, surgical dentistry, dental prosthetics, cariology, basics of dental radiography, oral disease prevention.


PLANMECA equipment with phantom heads

A unique learning environment has been created with the intelligent PLANMECA dental equipment that is integrated with software and computer technologies. The University’s Faculty of Dentistry was the third dental school to adopt this technology. Developed in collaboration with the world’s leading universities, this is one of the most comprehensive solutions for modern pre-clinical dental education:

  • Learning the correct workplace ergonomics from day one

  • Simulates a real dental care unit and correct working positions

  • Motorised torso adjustment with foot control



Simulator KOBRA

This simulator provides oral surgery training virtually. Research shows that the best results using the simulator KOBRA can be achieved if students and teaching staff share the view and discuss the procedure, such as the approach angle and surgical strategy. 



MOOG SIMODONT DENTAL TRAINER interactively simulates a variety of dental illness situations, ensuring students get appropriate training before commencing clinical work.

The MOOG SIMODONT DENTAL TRAINER provides high-end dental simulation and training. It is a complete, proven training system, which provides an unsurpassed level of performance, fidelity and reliability for dental schools committed to helping students progress faster and professors track progress and plan student work efficiently.

  • Flexible software interface provides maximum flexibility in creating new applications

  • Advanced control technology - a unique admittance control paradigm using a force sensor for high fidelity feel

  • Reliability - proven technology and patented control algorithms allow the full spectrum of movement from very high to very delicate forces


Prof. Andrejs Skaģers

It is a common misconception that tooth extraction is a simple procedure, but in practice it has proven to be quite complicated. Students practice tooth extraction procedures on mannequins, which is of great help in dealing with anxiety that comes with first time procedures. We support and assist our students throughout the learning process – after all, it is better to have trembling hands with a mannequin, rather than with your first patient.

Prof. Andrejs Skaģers, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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