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The faculty prepares highly-qualified dentists, with the knowledge and practical skills required in order to practise in general dentistry – treat patients with oral and dental diseases, educate the public on the prevention of these diseases. If secondary vocational education has been previously obtained in dentistry or nursing studies, it is possible to obtain the qualification of a dental hygienist over two years.


A dentist's profession requires precision and the ability to concentrate. We help our students to acquire these skills using a modern infrastructure and visual digital diagnostic methods and the latest generation materials and instruments that can be used in practice. 

Prof. Andris Ābeltiņš, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry


The goal of the dentistry study programme implemented in the faculty is to prepare qualified dentists with sufficient knowledge and practical skills to start practising general dentistry – treat patients with oral and dental diseases, as well as the running of practical activities to educate the community in the prevention of the aforementioned diseases. The clinical base for the acquisition of speciality dentistry disciplines is the Institute of Dentistry which is an internationally recognised high-quality centre of practical dentistry in Latvia. It is located in Riga, 20 Dzirciema Street near the RSU central building. The Academic School of Dental Hygiene and Latvian Association of Dentistry Students are located in the Faculty.

The professional training of students takes place in five structural units of the Faculty of Dentistry:

Several members of the teaching staff of the faculty are the members of the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy honorary dental organisation.

Study programmes

Undergraduate study programmes

Dentistry – Dentist’s qualification


The Faculty of Dentistry is one of the oldest RSU faculties, – with working principles that were already established during the first period of Latvian independence.


Latvian Section of the European Region of Pierre Fauchard Academy

Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA) is an international honorary dental organisation which was founded by Minneapolis dentist Elmer S. Best in 1936. The organisation was established in order to increase the standards of the dental profession and support the acquisition of new knowledge by separating scientific articles from commercial interests. The Constitution of the Academy has also been drafted to implement the goals of S. Best.


Upon founding the Academy, S. Best and his colleagues named it after Pierre Fauchard. This Parisian dentist dedicated his life to both practical dentistry and scientific works and in 1728 he published his first scientific book about dentistry Le Chirurgien Dentiste au Traite des Dents.

The Academy also continues its work in the XXI century, the foundation established by the Academy awards dentistry professionals who have made significant scientific discoveries, supports dentistry students, awards grants for projects related to public health promotion all over the world.

PFA operates in all continents. During the 33rd International Dentistry Exhibition in 2009 the 1st European PFA Oral Health Promotion Conference was held, with representatives of Latvia also invited. It was then decided to establish a new section in the European region – a Latvian section. The PFA Latvian Section of the European Region is currently managed by Dr. Ilze Maldupa with 14 members. Joining the PFA provides opportunities in Latvia to obtain financial resources for the support and progress of the operation of oral health centres, as well as for the support of oral health promotion projects. Furthermore, Latvian dentists have an opportunity to participate in different international health promotion projects, for example, in the prevention of noma disease in Africa.

PFA contact person

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