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What is available to the participants of training courses?

Thematic workshops simulating real-life conditions. During the workshops students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. We provide the possibility to train using modern operation equipment, simulators and narcotised live tissues. The training process is carried out under the supervision of highly qualified experts - industry professionals from Latvian, Baltic and European hospitals. The contents of the courses allow working in the fields of laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive paediatric surgery, traumatic surgery, traumatology orthopaedics, gynaecology, invasive radiology etc., starting from the basic course onwards.

Operation training for chief physicians and teams

The chief physician and his/her team work in real life-like training sessions to consolidate the job skills of his team. Training is intended to improve and replicate complex operative skills, as well as to consolidate acquired knowledge. We provide the possibility to work in a modern operation room, to use narcotised or a vital live tissues, and life-like tissue models.


Workshops in compliance with the customer's programme

For manufacturers or distributors of product, it is important that potential and existing customers are able to work with it, while your employees can present it to customers. We will help you to arrange and, if necessary, lead a training course in compliance with the customer’s programme.


Training for a product user (master of new products, new surgical methods)

Complex training to master new products and surgical methods, by using substitute models of patients (live tissues and substitute tissues).

Work environment

Modern operation rooms with clinical equipment required to ensure appropriate manipulations and further education of doctors and medical staff.



Research laboratory and vivarium with modern equipment where it is possible to carry out scientific research without hindrance.

Language of the training

Training is carried out in Latvian, Russian and English.

Set of services
  • Planning of workshops or courses
  • Provision of speakers
  • Notification of participants
  • Organisation of centres for continuing education in collaboration with medical association of the respective speciality
  •  Provision of equipment and materials to be used in work
  • Organisation of recreation breaks between the courses
  • Planning of the course in compliance with the legal legislation and ethical aspects



Additional offers
  • The most advantageous flight to Rīga
  • Hotel
  • Transfer
Senior year medical students and residents

In collaboration with the Faculty of Continuing Education, the Faculty of Medicine and the International Student Department of RSU, we provide programmes of practical classes on live tissues and substitute tissues for medical students and residents

Summer school

Training in our summer school allows mastering new skills and improving the existing ones.


If you wish to have a break from the daily rush and dedicate yourself to thorough acquisition of training content, you should not forget about some leisure time before or after a day of intense studies. According to your request and wishes, we offer active, cultural or meal breaks to allow your mind and body to relax and commence the next training day fully replenished. If you come together with your family and wish to extend your stay here, we will offer a suitable programme for various activities with your family.