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On 25 April the Faculty of Law will be holding an international conference ‘Current Challenges Facing the Justice System’

The aim of the conference is to identify topical issues related to the development of legal frameworks, the improvement of institutional systems, the exchange of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of legal science.

Academic staff and professionals in legal science both from Latvia and abroad are invited to participate in the conference. 

Conference languages: Latvian, English, Russian

Participants are required to submit the full text of their article by 15 May. Conference participants' articles will be published in Socratesthe electronic journal of the Faculty of Law. Articles must adhere to the following requirements.

Conference Coordinators:

Lidija Rozentāle
Academic Staff, Head of Study Programme
Inga Minkeviča
Office Administrator
Agnese Reine-Vītiņa
Acting Researcher

On the proper processing of conference participants’ personal data

1. By entering your personal data into the registration form you agree to your personal data (name, surname, e-mail address) being processed and stored for the conference’s administrative purposes as specified on the registration form, including for communication and for issuing certificates.

2. Registering for participation in the conference and participating in its activities your personal data (name, surname, photographs voice and/or video recordings) may be subject to processing. Your personal data can be used to exercise the legitimate interests of Rīga Stradiņš University, for example conference marketing and communication activities (incl. social media coverage) and, if applicable, live streaming.

3. On the day of the conference you have to sign the participant registration list. When you register your personal data will be available to other conference participants.

By registering for participation in the conference and its activities you agree to your personal data being processed for the aforementioned purposes.

By giving your consent it shall remain in force until you choose to withdraw it.

For additional information about your rights see the RSU Privacy Policy.

Should you have any objections to the way your personal data is processed please inform controller Lidija Rozentāle via e-mail: Lidija[pnkts]Rozentaleatrsu[pnkts]lv


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