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Now students have access to the Student portal MyRSU mobile app which combines all the students' needs in one place. Student portal MyRSU contains all the essential needs such as timetable, e-studies, e-mail, grades, e-services (applications, public transport extension, scholarship, apply for ISIC an more). We recommend to visit the MyRSU info page to read about every tile and information it contains.

Your username consists of the second part of your Student Card Number 
(part, that begins after the dash and is called ’’Student ID’’), which is followed by domain name ’’’’. Please take into account that Enrollment ID and Student card ID IS NOT your Student ID number.

In order to use RSU e-services for students, you must create a password.
To create password, go to

1.    Click “Obtain or renew password” 
2.    You must complete the following fields to obtain a security code:

  • In the “Surname” field enter your surname;
  • In the “Students ID or Personal ID No.” field enter your Students ID or
  • Personal ID No.;
  • In the„e-mail or phone” enter telephone number or 
  • private e-mail address;
  • Mark “I’m not a robot”;
  • Click “Recover password”;
Security code will be provided, it expires 12 hours from submitting the application.

To complete the process, follow the instructions sent to your e-mail. 

3.    To create a password, you must complete the following fields:

  • Click on the link in your e-mail, it will bring you to the password reset page.
  • In the field “RSU e-mail or domain\username” enter your username;
  • In the field “Security code” enter security code provided in e-mail;
  • In the field “New Password” enter your new password;

In the field “Re-type new Password” re-enter the new password:

  • The new password cannot contain your name, surname or user name;
  • The new password must be between 9 to 16 characters long and contain at least 4 types of signs:
  • Capital and small letters;
  • Numbers and symbols;
  • Mark “I’m not robot”;
  • Press “Recover password”.

You will receive an e-mail, which will confirm your success. 
Please kindly see video about how to obtain or renew password here.




step2_ka sakt lietot myrsu.JPG

obtain password_new.PNG


Student portal MyRSU

  • The ability to see both print and total balance
  • PRIMO Search which compiles all RSU subscribed databases in one place.
    un turpmāk arī mobilie paziņojumi
  • Trafi availability where the schedule and movement of the preferred public transport can be followed
  • News  and notifications also in future
  • Engaged with moodle app
  • Available timetable
  • Map with all the RSU Study rooms
  • Dashboard personalization (design, colors, size of tiles and visibility), thus making it as personalised as possible, taking into account each priority

Visit and see the new e-services:

  • Apply for ISIC card
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Apply for transportation subsidy - Don't stand in long lines and extend your e-talon online
  • Applications and inquiries (more in future)
  • Possibility to create an personalized e-mail alias


Download the MyRSU app now!


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Scan the QR code and use the app right now!
How can I connect to the Student Portal via computer?

Visit the and log in with your Username and password. If you are new student and have not received your password yet, please kindly visit this page or watch this video about how to obtain your password.

How can I personalize my dashboard?

To personalize the dashboard, tap to “Personalize” button on the top bar.  You need to take into account that both - desktop and mobile layout can be personalized only via desktop version. 

You can change the position of the tile name, change the gradient type for tiles, add shaded edges, and use more advanced themes.


To see the hidden tiles, go to "Hidden" (at the right top), click and all the tiles you have hidden and if you wish you can again display the tiles.



How I can update the default dashboard theme?

Click on "Personalize" and at the end of Personalization options you can find the "Reset layout" button.


Take into account that if you have reset the layout you can not restore the personalized layout.
Will there be updates available in the future that make my daily life even easier?

Yes, there will be many different updates in the future, such as:

  • Students will receive notifications regarding tasks such as questionnaires, grades, news, changes related to timatable etc.,
  • The possibility to charge your Student ID card via phone
  • Additional existing functionality with new e-services, for example, easier and faster payment for your studies via phone.
Can I extend loaned and issued resources via MyRSU student portal?

Yes, you can you this via Primo search tile.


On the upper corner click on Menu and change language to English (because default is Latvian).


After you have signed in successfully, click on User menu and choose "My Loans"


New window with all your loans appear, click Renew in order to extend the loan. Please take in mind that you have reached Renewal limit, you can not extend in online.


Where can I search for help?

If you have issues regarding login, e-studies, Student ID card and more, do not hesitate to visit the RSU IT Service Center, room G-115, RSU Main building, on Dzirciema Street 16, or write to itatrsu[pnkts]lv, or call to phone No. 67061515.

Papildus informācija

RSU Student Portal development project has been implemented within the frame of the project co-financed by the ESF “Improvement of the management process and study content modernisation at Rīga Stradiņš University” (Project No.
The objective of the project is to strengthen RSU competitiveness by modernising study programmes consistently with public and branch-specific development needs, bringing daily studies closer to scientific activity, improving management processes and the competences and skills of RSU managerial staff.