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Having international experience has been linked to gaining various personal and professional advantages: personal growth and development, enhanced career opportunities, broadened networks, strengthened knowledge and skills, intercultural awareness and others. There are nowadays multiple opportunities for university stakeholders to acquire international experience. Although the number of individuals who have access to these opportunities continues to increase, many others still encounter financial, personal, or professional obstacles, or do not have access to adequate information.

This is the fourth international conference and Erasmus+ staff week and it is dedicated to the theme of inclusive internationalisation. The goal of this event will be to identify ways in which more diverse groups of university stakeholders could benefit from various internationalisation initiatives.

Through various activities, this event will aim to discuss ways in which more people can benefit from internationalisation initiatives. Some highlights are listed below:

  1. International conference with leading experts on higher education
    • Gülsün Saglamer, President, European Women Rectors Association, Turkey
    • Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, former Danish Minister for Culture and Rector, Kolding School of Design, Denmark
    • Luciano Saso, President, Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe and Vice-Rector for European University Networks, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
    • Sebastian Berger, Vice-President elect, European Students’ Union, Belgium
  2. Problem-based interactive group assignment
  3. Partnership fair
  4. University presentations
  5. Networking events
  6. Cultural programme