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The Laboratory of Finished Dosage Forms is a structural unit of the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Faculty of Pharmacy. The Laboratory was established in 2021 and is engaged in the development and testing of solid finished dosage forms. The Laboratory provides a base for the Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence (BBCE), whose main goal is to establish a single centre for comprehensive research and development of biomaterials and various drug delivery systems.


RSU has set clear goals in its Development Strategy. In accordance with this, the Laboratory has the following goals:

  • The Laboratory will provide a wide range of research opportunities for both scientists and academic staff as well as for young pharmacists;
  • The Laboratory will foster collaboration between scientists and the industry by educating young scientists and attracting new professionals from the sector;
  • Pharmaceutical research infrastructure and human resources will be gathered at the Laboratory.

Defining goals, determining responsible people, set deadlines, review goals, analyse and set new goals shall be reviewed at Laboratory meetings and agreed upon with the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.


    The mission of the Laboratory is to develop existing and new research directions and pharmaceutical technologies in various pharmaceutical sectors: pharmaceutical chemistry, phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, drug delivery systems, dosage forms, and biomaterials.


    To establish the most advanced pharmaceutical science centre in Latvia and the Baltics that will provide scientific support to research groups of various profiles, as well as provide services for the development of new medicines for the pharmaceutical companies in Latvia and other countries.

    Main areas of activity

    • Place of research groups;
    • Place of scientific activity of the departments;
    • BBCE project site;
    • Student training and placement opportunities;
    • Services for the pharmaceutical industry. 

    Main objectives

    • To carry out scientific research (to characterise active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms, study drug delivery systems);
    • To develop analytical methods and their transfer to customer equipment upon orders being placed;
    • To provide teaching and research work for students'
    • To research and develop new drug delivery systems in cooperation with the BBCE.

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