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National research programme to lessen the effects of COVID-19

Priority "Innovative and improved materials, smart technologies"

  • Project No.4  
    Nanomaterials and medical application of nanotechnologies
    Subproject No.3.4.2 
    Project leader:  Ilze Šalma   
Priority "Public Health"
  • Project No.1.4.
    Personalised monitoring of the atherosclerotic process, diagnostics and treatment. Research of recurrent stroke risk factors and antiplatelet resistance
    Project leader: Prof. Andrejs Millers
    Project funding: 19 043 EUR 
  • Project No.1.5. 
    Personalised monitoring of the atherosclerotic process, diagnostics and treatment
    Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Pēteris Stradiņš
  • Project No.2.4. 
    Molecular mechanisms of diabetes and cardiovascular complications, pharmacogenetics and new means of treatment
    Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Ilze Konrāde
    Project funding: 10 080 EUR  
  • Project No.5.5.
    Personalised cancer diagnostics and determination of therapeutic efficiency
    Project leader: Prof. Jānis Gardovskis
    Project funding: 181 956 EUR  
  • Project No.6.1.
    Complex research of acute and chronic diseases in children for diagnostics and development of treatment algorithms for reduced mortality, extended life expectancy, improved quality of life and public health
    Project leader: Prof. Aigars Pētersons
    Project funding: 45 072 EUR
  • Project No.6.2. 
    Research of life-threatening and socially significant infectious diseases in children, involving development of new scientifically substantiated action algorithms to reduce child mortality in Latvia
    Project leader: Prof. Dace Gardovska
    Project funding: 54 014 EUR
  • Project No.7.1.
    Host determinants, predisposing factors and susceptibility to RNA virus infections (HIV, HCV, encephalitis), research of determinants modulation in the course of the disease
    Project leader: Prof. Ludmila Vīksna
    Project funding: 37 393 EUR
  • Project No.7.2.
    Searching for Innovative Strategies of Regulation and Modulation of Infection Mechanisms
    Project leader: Asoc. Prof. Modra Murovska
    Project funding: 39 898 EUR
  • Project No.8.1.
    Research of significant mental disorders and health issues caused by cognitive dysfunction and burden reduction
    Project leader: Prof. Elmārs Rancāns
    Project funding: 34 535 EUR  
  • Project No.8.2.
    Research of significant mental disorders and health issues caused by cognitive dysfunction and burden reduction.
    Project leader: Ainārs Stepens
    Project funding: 37 134  EUR

Priority "Sustainable development of society"

  • Project No.9.1.
    To measure the competitiveness of Latvian companies in external markets and strengthening of recommendations
    Project leader: Remigijs Počs
    Subproject No.9.1.3. Study on the competitiveness of the healthcare sector Project leader: Asoc. Prof.  Anita Villeruša
    Project funding: 19 506 EUR   
  • Project No.9.5. 
    A reflection on values and models for action during social and economic changes 
    Project leader: Prof. Sergejs Kruks
    Project funding: 37 899 EUR 
  • Project No.9.6.2. 
    The trajectory of social and political post-crisis transformations in Latvia
    Project leader: Asoc. Prof. Lolita Vilka
    Project funding: 12 800
  • Project No.9.7.2. 
    Public engagement in social innovation processes for the ensuring of sustainable development in Latvia
    Project leader: Prof. Inna Dovladbekova
    Project funding: 9 656 EUR 
  • Project No.9.9.3.
    The impact of changes in social awareness on the sustainability of ecosystem services
    Project leaders: Dr.Biol. Inese Kokina, doc. Žanna Martinsone
    Project funding: 6 462 EUR 


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