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Communication and media

In mid-October, a group comprising international and Latvian experts selected by the Latvian Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA) visited Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) and its Liepāja Branch to assess the RSU Information and Communication Sciences study direction, as well as its study programmes.

‘It was nice to hear a positive assessment of the ongoing progress in the development of the programmes following the advice of previous assessment experts,’ commented Prof. Ainārs Dimants, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Communication, who met with the experts at the Liepāja Branch. A written report from the group is expected in the coming weeks.

After the meeting with university management, the experts talked to the Head of the communication study direction, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Prof. Anda Rožukalne, and met with the self-assessment report development group.

‘The accreditation expert group worked very intensively and constructively. The representatives highly appreciated the dynamic development in the Information and Communication Science study direction: since the previous accreditation, three new study programmes have been added, scientific research projects have been expanded, and a media technology and study base that is necessary for the studies has been created. The experts most admired the high quality and content of the RSU student media network Skaļāk (Louder),’ says A. Rožukalne.

During the accreditation visit, a meeting was held with the heads of the study programmes and academic staff and visitors got acquainted with the technical equipment and especially with the RSU student media network Skaļāk, as a base for communication studies. Representatives from the RSU Student Union (SU), the RSU Library and other structural units, as well as students and graduates of all study programmes spoke about their role in the successful study process. Employers praised the graduates’ knowledge and skills in the labour market.

‘We had the honour to represent the RSU SU and the Faculty of Communication in the meeting with the accreditation commission. Issues that are topical and important for students were discussed. It was a great pleasure to receive questions about student involvement and activity, which only proved that the RSU SU is going in the right direction and that the work that has already been done has yielded good results. RSU has a very well developed and planned student representation structure, which we are proud of. I think that this message also reached the accreditation commission,’ said RSU SU representatives Keita Luīza Muceniece and Kerija Broka sharing their impressions of the meeting.

‘The cooperation was creative and productive for RSU placement students. We believe that this experience is useful for both parties and we want to continue cooperating,’ said Inese Baranovska, Head of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

The RSU Faculty of Communication implements bachelor’s study programmes in Journalism, Public Relations, Photography and Multimedia Communication, master’s study programmes in Communication and Media Studies, Strategic Management and Public Relations and Health Communication, as well as a doctoral study programme in Communication Culture and Multimedia as part of the Information and Communication Science study direction. There are plans to develop this direction at the RSU Liepāja Branch in the future, including distance learning as well as studies in English.