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For Students

On 3 September, students from the Department of International Business and Economics at the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Faculty of European Studies, led by senior lecturer Ligita Landzmane, visited the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

The LCCI is the largest business association in Latvia with around 6,000 members (3,000 from individual companies and 3,000 from business associations) – micro, small, medium and large enterprises from all regions and industries are represented, as are associations, city business clubs and other entrepreneur unions. The association represents the interests of entrepreneurs, as well as provides services that promote excellence in the Latvian business environment. The LCCI’s main areas of activity concern the business environment, business competitiveness and export.

Showing real support to students, the LCCI team had prepared a program involving experts from various fields: Edgars Ernstsons, LCCI Head of Member Relations, introduced students to the LCCI and its activities; Jānis Lielpēteris, Member of the Board, enthusiastically explained the essence of the company and business lobby; Gunārs Zelčs, Head of the Export Division, explained the current developments and specificities of company exports. Problems concerning start-ups well as copyright and patent protection issues were also discussed during the event which concluded with an engaging question and answer session. At the end of the event Aija Streiča, Administrative Director, gave a presentation on how the LCCI was established and developed and spoke about the renovation of the beautiful LCCI premises, which is a cultural monument.


At the end of the event, students received various cooperation and support opportunities: placements, consultations, expert advice etc. LCCI representatives also expressed their belief that a majority of students visiting the event would become successful entrepreneurs and invited the students to return as entrepreneurs and join the LCCI in order to help improve the Latvian business environment with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

RSU students and lecturers thank all those who contributed to organising the event. A special thanks goes to the Director of the Competitiveness Department at LCCI, Elīna Valdmane, under whose direction the event was organised, as well as to the Secretary of the Department of International Business and Economics, Liene Štoka, who ensured that students from different programmes had the opportunity to take part in the event.