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For Students

On 17 March, at RSU Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology or Anatomical Theatre (9 Kronvalda Boulevard), the newly purchased dissection table and renovated premises were presented.


The presentation was attended by the Minister for Health Guntis Belēvičs, the former Minister for Health and physician Ingrīda Circene, RSU Rector professor Jānis Gardovskis, the Head of RSU Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology prof. Māra Pilmane, RSU Vice-Rector for Development Toms Baumanis and assistant professor of the Department of Morphology Dzintra Kažoka (pictured below, with international medical students).

RSU long-term development strategy stipulates the modernisation of the study infrastructure and introduction of high-end IT technologies in study process. Within the framework of the strategy RSU renovated one of the oldest university buildings – the Anatomical Theatre.

For the past two years RSU has invested over 1.5 million euros in the modernisation of the building. In addition to renovating the building, RSU also adopted a new concept in teaching anatomy that involves the use of up-to-date IT technologies. For the first time in the Baltic States RSU installed a digital 3D anatomy visualisation table – the only system that can display true male and female gross anatomy in real life size with a database that includes over 60,000 pathologies, including those of animals. The table manufactured by Anatomage was purchased for an amount of around 100,000 EUR from RSU own funds.


RSU Rector prof. Jānis Gardovskis stressed that technological innovations in medical education develop rapidly, therefore, to provide students with education of high quality, we keep track of the world tendencies and for the past years we have introduced high-end technologies in the study process. “In addition to the newly purchased anatomy visualisation table, we developed the Medical Education Technology Centre, preclinical premises of the Faculty of Dentistry and also expanded e-studies.”

The Director of the Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology prof. Māra Pilmane pointed out that the new digital table will provide students with an opportunity to view the human body in different cross sections and layers and expand the accessibility of anatomy studies for prospective healthcare professionals – both local and international students, who expressed a desire for better access to preparations, as anatomy is among the most complicated courses.

Whereas, Minister for Health Guntis Belēvičs admitted that he has always been convinced that RSU is among the most up-to-date institutions offering medical education in the region, and this opinion grows even stronger.

Former Minister for Health and physician Ingrīda Circene shared her own experience as a medical student claiming that medical education has undergone dramatic changes for the past twenty and thirty years. Mrs Circene also expressed her satisfaction with RSU’s ability to keep up with the times and offer up-to-date infrastructure and teaching technologies in line with the leading universities all across the world.