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This month the RSU Aesthetic Gymnastics Team represented Latvia at the 16th World Gymnaestrada in Dornbirn, Austria.

In recent years, Latvia has been represented by RSU gymnasts in three age groups: 20+ (students), 30+ and 40+ (graduates). The students could fulfil their dream of participating at the Gymnaestrada thanks to the financial support of the Student Union. The gymnasts gave an excellent performance at the event: our small delegation stood out, and their programmes and emotional contribution received a lot of praise.

The week at the Gymnaestrada passed quickly in a friendly atmosphere with gymnasts from all over the world.

This year the largest delegation came from Switzerland (3 040 participants), and the smallest was from Tanzania (four participants). Among the Baltic States, Latvia had the largest delegation with 19 participants, while Estonia and Lithuania had 15 and 10 participants respectively.

18 600 participants from 66 countries took part in the event. The Gymnaestrada is held every four years and Latvia has participated since 1995. The RSU team has participated in all of them.