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For RSU Employees

On Thursday, 5 May, Minister for Health Daniels Pavļuts presented health care workers with the Ministry of Health’s Certificates of Gratitude and Appreciation in the Great Hall of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU).

‘Each and every one of the award recipients has worked every day to ensure the health of our people, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for a lifetime of hard work and for all your efforts during the two years of the pandemic.

It is only by working together that we can we build accessible, humane healthcare for everyone,’ the Minister for Health emphasised.

Indra Dreika, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Health, and Professor Aigars Pētersons, RSU Rector, addressed the attendees.

In total, more than a hundred people working in the health sector were congratulated, including several RSU staff members. Aleksejs Višņakovs, Assoc. Prof. Anda Ķīvīte-Urtāne, Prof. Dace Gardovska, Dace Stirāne, Dina Grīnberga, Eva Cela, Assoc. Prof. Eva Strīķe, Evija Strika, Prof. Haralds Plaudis, Inese Kaupere, Inga Ažina, Assoc. Prof. Jana Pavāre, Jurijs Perevoščikovs, Lilija Antonēviča, Prof. Ludmila Vīksna, Sandra Pūce, and Zane Straume were honoured for their professional and honest work in the health sector, as well as for their contribution to the control of infectious diseases in the country and their active work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Certificates of Gratitude from the Ministry of Health was also presented separately to RSU and the RSU Red Cross Medical College for supporting medical institutions in a critical time for the healthcare sector through actively involving residents and medical students in the treatment and care of COVID-19 patients.

In total 33 Certificates of Appreciation and 71 Certificates of Gratitude from the Ministry of Health and eight Letters of Gratitude of the Ministry of Health were presented to health sector employees at the event in recognition of their lifetime contribution, dedication, professionalism, and outstanding work in the field of health care and public health.

Zane Straume, a Board member of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, an anaesthetist, resuscitation professional and staff member at the Department of Internal Diseases was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Cabinet of Ministers for her contribution to developing paediatric health care.


Address by the Minister for Health

Address by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Health

Address by the RSU Rector