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The Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy has launched a public psychological support project to introduce various ways in which to provide remote psychological support. This is particularly important at a time when the spread of the novel coronavirus is causing tension and anxiety in society.

'As a society we are facing an unprecedented challenge, but we feel we can provide assistance in this time by using our knowledge and skills together with new technologies and modes of communication,' says Prof. Kristīne Mārtinsone, Head of the RSU Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy.

As part of this project a video of a lecture by Patapia Tzotzoli, a cooperation partner of RSU and a doctor of clinical psychology, to unions, was disseminated to associations and other organisations who might benefit from it.

The original lecture took place during RSU Psychology Days and in it Tzotzoli talks about the possibilities of providing psychological aid in the digital environment through various types of online sessions and video recordings. Tzotzoli has worked as a psychologist for a long time, both in person and online.

'Global development trends indicate that in the future remote therapy, or telepsychology, will be used more and more frequently regardless of possible challenges. The current situation shows that there is good reason to develop this field more extensively and rapidly, using existing knowledge and skills and exploring new opportunities,' says Jeļena Ļubenko, Asst Prof. at the Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy, who is exploring ways to provide help in the digital environment.

Another important source for how to provide remote therapy is the book Veselības psiholoģija (Health Psychology), published by RSU. Chapter 10 is titled “Veselības psiholoģijas nākotnes perspektīvas" (Future Prospects of Health Psychology) and covers online therapy, online counselling, and web-based interventions.

The RSU Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy will continue to provide psychological support, and will shortly be publishing the book Telepsiholoģija (Telepsychology) about how to provide remote therapy.