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Conferences, workshops

On 9th November a conference on rare diseases will be held in the RSU Auditorium, organised by the Rare Disease Specialist Association of Latvia and the RSU Department of Internal Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine.

The aim of the conference is to provide current and future specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge on rare diseases, their diagnosis and treatment options.

The conference will provide theoretical insights in the form of lectures on pseudolymphomas, including a number of clinical cases: tuberous sclerosis, acute psychosis as a manifestation of a rare disease, choriocarcinoma of the brain, pulmonary hypertension, antiphospfolipid syndrome and immune thrombocytopenia, diagnostics of non-originating cardiac tumours. The Rare Diseases Coordination Centre will provide an insight into a one-day station for a multidisciplinary team dealing with children with Gaucher Disease.

Conference language - Latvian. Conference entry - free. 

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