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If you wish to acquire new competences and skills, become more competitive in the labour market, get to know the programme you have chosen for your studies, or study even if ,for some reason, you cannot commit to the full study programme at a university, you have a unique opportunity to study at the Rīga Stradiņš (RSU) University Open University. You do not have to take any admission exams in order to apply.

As a free listener, you can enrol in any study programme or part of a study programme offered by RSU in medicine, health care, or social sciences.

Study something you love

Explore the contents of the study programmes and the courses offered, select the topics you are interested in and apply. After we have received and considered your application, we will contact you within two days to inform you of your schedule, the time and place of classes, tuition fee, teaching staff and the amount of credit points you will acquire.

If you wish to acquire the complete study programme as a free listener, you must be able to certify that you have completed the previous level of education. For example, a free listener only becomes eligible to select a bachelor’s programme after completing secondary education. Similarly, a master’s degree is required to enrol in a doctoral programme.

Collect credit points and receive a certificate

You can skip the tests and just be a free listener. Or you can choose to complete all the requirements applicable to students and receive a certificate for obtaining a certain number of credit points.