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Traditional Events

On 9 June, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the decision to end the state of emergency in Latvia and ease restrictions on gathering size. The management of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) is therefore planning to hold the summer graduation ceremonies in the backyard of the Great Hall and in the nearby Inspiration Park. All epidemiological safety measures will be observed to protect graduates, employees and the general public.

Graduation ceremony procedure

The graduation will consist of two parts:

  • a festive ceremony that will include graduation addresses, graduates’ solemn oath and the traditional hat toss;
  • the official handing out of diplomas will follow the ceremonious part of the event.

Both parts of the ceremony will be held outside. During the ceremony, graduates will sit maintaining a safe 2m distance between one another. There will be an awning at the site of the event. It is planned that graduates will wear academic gowns.

The graduation ceremony for international students will, however, be held in the RSU Great Hall. The RSU International Student Department will provide international students with all relevant information about the ceremony.

Graduates are asked to observe all epidemiological safety measures (like keeping a 2m distance to others, washing hands regularly, using face masks when required). 

Receiving the diploma

Diplomas will be handed out next to the backyard of the Great Hall. After receiving the diploma graduates will have the opportunity to take a picture against a step and repeat with the RSU logo.

Graduates will have to sign once during the ceremony to certify receiving their diploma. The Hippocratic Oath and the Register of Medical Practitioners will be signed remotely – student group leaders will send the relevant forms to the graduates beforehand, and the signed forms will be collected on the day of graduation after students have received their diploma.

Graduation ceremony livestream

To ensure safe conditions, only graduates themselves will be able to attend the ceremony, without their family and friends. The events will, however, be streamed online on the RSU website. A video recording will be available on the RSU website after the event. Family and friends are requested to observe the restrictions on gathering size and congratulate graduates outside RSU territory.

During the ceremony, graduates will not be invited to come up to the stage. Instead, graduates’ names and the degree they have obtained will be announced. Graduates will be invited to stand up and greet the audience by waving thereby ensuring a special moment for each graduate that will be captured on video and broadcast live.

Information for international students outside Latvia

International students outside Latvia will have their diplomas sent to their residential address. Those international students who have stayed in Latvia are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony on site.

The names of the international students who will not be able to attend the on-site ceremony will be announced from the stage during the ceremony.

Graduation gown hire

Graduates are invited to pick up their graduation gowns one hour prior to the ceremony in the RSU canteen. The canteen has been adjusted to ensure an epidemiologically safe flow of people. Graduates are requested to pay the 12 EUR fee for hiring their graduation gown and disinfection costs in a timely manner via bank transfer by specifying their name and surname, as well as indicating “Graduation gown maintenance costs” in the payment order. Graduates will have to present their payment order upon picking up their gowns.

Graduates’ body temperature will be measured prior to picking up their gown. If body temperature exceeds 37.5, the graduate will not be admitted to the ceremony. Graduation gowns will be issued (and returned) following a schedule drafted for separate groups. The schedule will be agreed on with group leaders.

In case of absence, a graduate's name and academic degree will be announced from the stage. To receive their diploma, graduates have to inquire at the Dean's Office. 

Graduation ceremony dates

Please note that the dates for the graduation ceremonies have changed!
  • Thursday, 25 June, International Student Department, incl. mixed groups, at 16.00-17.00;
  • Monday, 29 June, the Faculty of Rehabilitation, at 12.00-14.00;
  • Monday, 29 June, the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare together with the Liepāja Branch, at 16.00-18.00 (graduates of the Liepāja Branch will be able to participate in the ceremony remotely);
  • Tuesday, 30 June, Faculty of European Studies, at 11.00-12.00;
  • Tuesday, 30 June, Faculty of Communication, 14.00-15.00;
  • Wednesday, 1 July, Faculty of Law, 14.00-16.00;
  • Thursday, 2 July, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy, 12.00-13.00;
  • Friday, 3 July, Faculty of Medicine, 14.00-16.00.
The coronavirus pandemic is far from over and is even worsening globally. Therefore, we still have to adhere to strict safety measures. If we fail to observe these safety measures, the government may redeclare the emergency situation forcing us to reschedule our events. Rīga Stradiņš University calls on everyone to take care of our safety and of each other!

See you at the 2020 Rīga Stradiņš University graduation ceremonies!