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For Students

On 20 February the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) International Department organised a "speed friending" event together with the RSU International Students’ Association (ISA) and the Student Union for local and international students.

The event was organised in the lovely RSU Student House on Palasta Iela and was aimed at fostering communication between all students. Approximately 50 local and international students attended the event and each student had the opportunity to speak to other students for 5 minutes at a time to get to know one another and exchange contact information. The evening was spent in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. At the end of the event students were free to socialise, continue the discussions they had started and make plans to meet in the future.

After the event students spoke about the various benefits of speed friending. They appreciated the opportunity to improve their language skills, discover new cultures and mentalities and broaden their horizons as well as meeting peers who also are interested in new friendships.

There are currently 2,338 international students at RSU representing more than 50 different countries and constituting 26% of the total student body.