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  • Medicīnas terminoloģija angļu valodā
  • Medicīnas terminoloģija latīņu valodā

Work experience

2016 - Present


„Rīgas Veselības centrs”, Imanta

2012 - Present


„Rīgas Veselības centrs” Torņakalns

1999 - Present


RSU, Language Centre

2008 - 2012



1996 - 2012

English language instructor

Language Centre ''KLAS'S''

Education and training

2008 - 2012

Physician Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology

University of Latvia, Residency in Diagnostic Radiology

2003 - 2005

Master's Diploma in General Pedagogy

University of Latvia, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Master's Programme in General Pedagogy

1995 - 1998

Certificate of a 36-month English language course acquisition

English Language Center"KLAS'S ", English Language Courses

1994 - 1995

completed 1year of a two-year Translation programme

International Higher School of Practical Psychology, Department of Translation Studies, Riga, Latvia

1987 - 1993

Medical Doctor's' Diploma

Latvian Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

09.06.2017 Atended the Seminar organized by the LRA "Best of Lung Imaging"

11.04.2017. Attended a training course " Designof electronic tests in RSU e-study (Moodle) media"

6-7.04.2017- RSU Scientific Conference

14.02.2017 - Attended Pearson Wider World seminar​

30.06.2016 - ​Attended a training course " Europass document portfolio'', RSU;​

22.06.2016 - In order to promote studies of medicine at RSU, in the framework of the Summer Medical Camp for the Secondary School Pupils participated with a lecture "What is Latin and why is it needed for a doctor?'';​

20.05.2016 - ​Participated with the report " Difficulties in Translation of Medical Terms" ​at the 2nd Conference for Scientists and Students "Relevant Questions in Translation Studies" ​organized by the LU HZF Department of the Applied Linguistics and Translation in cooperation with LTTB, Rīga, Latvia; ​;

26-27.03.2016 - ​RSU 15th Scientific Conference;

26.02.2016 - Pearson Focus Day Seminar " Spark learning", Rīga, Latvia​;

28.08.2015 - ProfessionalDevelopment Day Seminar for Teachers and Adults​ organized by the ​Oxford University Press, Rīga, Latvia; ​

12-13.06.2015 - EUROSON SCHOOL- a course of the international educational program ''CEUS update for abdominal& non-abdominal application"​, Rīga, Latvia;

26-27.03. 2015 - ​Read a report ''Translation of medical eponyms" at the ​RSU 14th Scientific Conference;

2014, December - Read a lecture "Latvian and English terminology in ​Radiology" at the LU HZF for the students of the programme " Written Translation" ​, Rīga, Latvia; ​

2014, November - Read a report "Eponyms in Radiology" at the International Scientific Conference '' Relevant Questions in Onomastics'', LU, Rīga, Latvia; ​

2014, September- Open Medical Institute visiting professorship in Radiology;​

26-28.06.2014- European Congress of Musculo-Skeletal Radiology, RSU, ​Rīga, Latvia;

2014, April - ​Participated at the RSU 13th Scientific Conference ​with the report ''Latin Language acquisition by the RSU International students: a comparative research ​", the ​research​ was done in cooperation with the RSU Language Centre teachers of Latin terminology';

2014, February-April - RSU training course ​on implementation of E-studies (8 hrs.);

2013, September - ​Led a seminar „Latvian and English terminology in ​Radiology"​ organized ​ by LTTB (Latvian Society of Translators and Interpreters ), Rīga, Latvia;​

2013, September- RSU Open Medical Institute visiting professorship in Radiology​, Rīga, Latvia; ​

21-22.03.2013 - RSU 12th Scientific Conference;

2012, December - Attended a seminar organized by LTTB " Skills of Public Speech'​​, Rīga, Latvia;

11-13.10.2012 - Presented a poster-presentation „Application of the semi-

automated program in measurement of glioma volume" , the 4th Baltic Congress of Radiology, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2012, May - Cambridge Seminar Day, RĪga, Latvia;​​

26-28.05.2011 - ESOR-GALEN foundation course​ Oncology Imaging, Vilnius, Lithuania;

14-15.04.2011 - ​RSU 12th Scientific Conference;​​

2011, March - PEARSON Seminar „Real Life Style and Methodolgy teaching and learning with Confidence", Rīga, Latvia;

2010, November - Seminar in Cardiac CT and MR imaging, PKUS, Rīga, Latvia;

2010- RSU 11th Scientific Conference;​​​

Field of research

  • Calcium metabolism, vitamin D, osteoporosis, bone, muscle and connective tissue pathology;
  • translation studies;
  • eponyms in radiology;
  • application of semi- automated program in measurement of glioma volume;

Head of study course

Pharmacy Terminology in English

Lectured study course

Medical Terminology in English

Medical Terminology in Latin for the RSU International Students​


RSU Trade union

Latvian Society of Rradiology

Latvian Society of Ultrosonography

Latvian Musculo-Skeletal Radiology Society

ESOR (European Society of Radiology)


LTTB (Latvian Society of Interpreters and Translators)


Research articles​

Dietary sources of vitamin D and seasonal variations of 25(OH) vitamin D serum levels in men over 45 years of age in Latvia / A.Sitova, O.Voika, R.Erts, Z.Zariņš // European Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences. - No.4 (2015), p.21-30.

Franckeviča, Ivanda. Originally misdiagnosed rhabdoid tumour of the kidney. A case report and differential diagnosis / I.Franckeviča, R.Kleina, O.Voika // Polish Journal of Pathology. - Vol.62, N 3 (2011), p.163-167. - Starptautiski citējamā izdevumā.

Abstracts ​

Voika, Olga. Translation of medical eponyms / O.Voika // 2015.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2015.g. 26.-27.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2015. - 433.lpp.

Latīņu valodas apguve ĀSN un MF, RF studējošo grupās, salīdzinošs skatījums / I.Ābelīte, Ņ.Zazerska, O.Voika, V.Vīksne // 2014.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2014.g. 10.-11.aprīlī) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2014. - 468.lpp.

Voika, Olga. Application of the semiautomated program in glioma volume measurement : [abstract] / O.Voika, S.Dzelzite, K.Kupcs // 4th Baltic Congress of Radiology (Vilnius, Lithuania, Oct.11-13, 2012). - Vilnius, 2012. - P.88.


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