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Analysis of characteristics of medical sapropel and its usage for medical purposes and elaboration of industrial extraction methods

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
490 216.44 EUR, including 416 683.97 EUR ERDF funding, 36 766.23 EUR State budget funding and 36 766.24 EUR RSU co-funding

Project realization
01.04.2017. - 30.03.2020.


Study the medicinal properties of sapropel obtained in Latvia to promote its scientifically-based use in balneology, ensuring development of new medical procedures and services, and promoting development of new and exportable products.


Project activities

  • An overview of literature on existing studies related to the use of sapropel and therapeutic mud derived from it in cosmetology, balneology and medicine – includes a survey of studies performed globally to date
  • Development of guidelines for preserving of the medicinal properties of sapropel in industrial production and development of recommendations for the evaluation of sapropel's compliance, identification of criteria for properties
  • Study of five different sapropel deposits, including a survey of the sites selected according to the criteria, sampling at different depths and their initial treatment, evaluation of external signs in the laboratory and study of physical and chemical parameters, analysis of biochemical parameters and evaluation of microbiological indicators
  • Study of the potential use of collected samples in medicine, which includes development of questionnaires for the study survey, development of participants' and control group inclusion criteria, study implementation in three directions: study of dermatological properties, effects on healing and regeneration processes and assessment of effects of sapropel extracts and their active substances on dermal fibroblast, keratinocyte and endothelial cell cultures
  • Study of potential forms of innovative medicines, which includes a study of the forms for possible sapropel production which would be easy for consumers to purchase and use
  • Development of industrial production methodology, including development of guidelines for the actions to be performed to better preserve the collected samples and their properties
  • Missions and business trips, including participation in scientific conferences or similar events, study of the most recent research trends, presentation of project results
  •  Receipt of Ethics Commission evaluation to carry out dermatological tests and assess the impact on joints/muscles


Project output


On April 4, 2017, the first meeting of the project team took place

The project team was introduced to the project objectives,

activities to be carried out and the results to be achieved

The nearest tasks to be performed  were defined




Sapropeļa ieguvei izmantots ezers Ludzas novadā


Summary of project results


Planned result

Planned result in numerical form


Date of information update

Literature review on existing research

Scientific publication

1 scientific publication



Preparation of guidelines for the preservation of sapropel's medical properties in the process of industrial production


1 document



Research of five different sapropel fields

Sample set

100 sample set



Investigation of the potential use of the obtained samples in medicine

Scientific publication

3 scientific publications



Potential study of innovative pharmaceutical forms


1 patent



Development of industrial production methodology


1 document



Missions and business trips


12 speeches



Receiving the opinion of the Ethics Commission

opinion of the Ethics Commission

1 opinion