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Closing the Gap between Formal and Informal Institutions in the Balkans (INFORM)

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
306 625.00 EUR
Project realization
22.03.2016. - 21.03.2019.


The project aims to explore the daily level of interaction between formal institutions, created by the EU integration processes, and informal already existing institutions in the Western Balkan countries. This will allow clarifying the role of these institutions, which, in turn, is the basis for developing and offering tools for the policy makers that contribute to the interaction between formal and inform al institutions


Project activities

  • Collection of empirical data on the EU rules and formal institutionalisation process, and the work of informal institutions in the Western Balkan countries. At this stage, existing studies will be summarised and unique empirical data will be collected, using quantitative and qualitative methods

  • Based on the empirical data obtained at the first stage, the theory of EU laws institutionalisation and application of regulation in the situation of inefficient formal institutions and powerful substituting or competing informal institutions

  • Following the conclusions obtained at the second stage, policy steps will be developed to promote the implementation of EU rules in the Western Balkan countries. Consultations with the key stakeholders will also take place at this stage; the information on the project results will be distributed in the scientific and policy environment.