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Development of advanced diagnostic and research methods for workplace hazards caused by nanoparticles and ergonomic factors

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
413 649.00 EUR, including 372 821.00 EUR ESF funding and 40 828.00 State budget co-funding

Project realization
01.12.2013. - 31.08.2015.


Create a new group of human resources by attracting doctoral students and young scientists to science

The scientific objective is to develop advanced diagnostic for workplace hazards caused by nanoparticles and ergonomic factors


Activities of the project

1. Creation of a new scientific group and ensuring its operation

2. Research

2.1. Development and improvement of methods for assessing the risks of nanoparticles generated by new materials and technologies

  • Investigation of alternative methods for detection of nanoparticle inoculation in cells
  • Improvement of nanoparticle detection and analysis methods for working environment
  • Research of nanoparticles entering cells
  • Research of clinical effect of nanoparticles

2.2. Development of early diagnostic and economic assessment methods for musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal disorders (MSS) from different workplaces

  • Development of new MSS micographic and thermographic diagnostic methods
  • Development of economic analysis of work-related MSS losses

3. Dissemination of research results and preparation of publications

  • Participation in international scientific conferences and seminars
  • Compilation of results and preparation of scientific publications

4. Creation of new jobs

Project partner

Riga Technical University