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Development of a new dermocosmetic product to restore skin barrier function for patients with metabolic syndrome (III)

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
160 725.00 EUR, including 148 670.00 EUR ERDF funding and 12 055.00 EUR RSU co-funding
Project realization
01.09.2014. - 31.08.2015.


Promote the commercialization of science in the priority science direction “Public Health” by developing a new product that restores skin barrier function in patients with metabolic syndrome

The specific objective of the project is to develop, based on previous studies and knowledge, the final composition of a new patent-protected product: a dermocosmetic product for the restoration of skin barrier function, and to conduct clinical dermatological examinations to test the correlation of metabolic syndrome parameters with oxidative stress biomarkers and signs of aging of the skin in metabolic syndrome patients and initiate the commercialization


Activities of the project

1. Preparation of research design documentation

  • Receiving an authorization from Ethics Committee
  • Preparing a report on metabolic syndrome, summarizing the latest scientific literature and patent information

2. Perfection and testing of dermocosmetics composition for restoration of the barrier function of the skin

  • Investigation of physical and chemical properties of active substances and excipients
  • Formulation of the final recipes for skin barrier function renewal
  • Development of quality specification and determination and development of analytical methods to determine quality
  • Cream dosage form creation and laboratory serial preparation
  • Determination of the microbiological quality of the cream laboratory series
  • Ready dosage form stability study
  • Preparation of dermoscopy product documentation

3. Prospective randomized clinical trial in patients with metabolic syndrome

  • Selection of study participants, cream testing
  • Determination of metabolic syndrome and oxidative stress parameters in study patients
  • Determination of skin visual and structural parameters before and after using the cream in patients with metabolic syndrome and in control group

4. Analysis of research results, compilation and conclusions, preparation of project results

  • Preparing and submitting a PCT patent application to WIPO on the composition of skin barrier function in patients with metabolic syndrome