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HIV European Research on Mathematical Modelling and Experimentation of HIV Testing In Hidden Communities (HERMETIC)

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
152 900.00 EUR
Project realization
01.11.2015. - 31.10.2018.


Contribute to limitation of new cases of HIV infection by increasing the proportion of people aware of their positive HIV status and promoting access to care


Project activities

1. Work package (WP):

  • Perform mathematical modelling using the available HIV epidemiological monitoring data on new HIV infection cases to identify and characterise the scope of the HIV-infected and still undiagnosed population
  • Carry out calculations of HIV incidence
  • Estimate the period from the time of infection to the time of HIV diagnostics in Belgium, Estonia, and Latvia. The previously mentioned estimates in France will be used as part of another research project until the beginning of the HERMETIC project

2. Work package (WP):

  • Pilot research design, implementation and evaluation of results. The research will identify the characteristics of the population and the needs that will be identified as high-risk groups for undiagnosed HIV positive status within Work Package 1 modelling activity. Innovative HIV testing services will be offered to target groups within the pilot research that will be tailored to the needs of each country and will be based on evidence gained in mathematical modelling. The pilot activity will be implemented in Belgium, France, and Latvia

3. Work package (WP):

  • Detailed documentation of research results and implementation of testing activities (including triangulation of mathematical modelling results with other parameters characterising epidemic, prevention, and care in specific countries). It will result in the development of guidelines for the use of mathematical modelling results to develop practical public health and health care activities, including the adaptation and development of HIV testing programmes

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