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Comparing Vital Capitals: An anthropological analysis of the global value chains of sea buckthorn and raspberries
Līguma nr.:, Agreement No. 9.-14.5/87
 -  André ThiemannEU Structural Funds
Complex clinical, molecular biologic and microbiological study in children with non-complicated and complicated intra-abdominal infection in a wide age range
Līguma nr.: 23010401
 - Prof. Arnis EņģelisRSU grants 2019-2020
Continuing education of the staff involved in the health care and health promotion processes for sustainable development of the sector
Līguma nr.: 1DP/
 - Asst. Prof. Jevgēnija LivdāneEU Structural Funds
Coordination of on Board Medical Treatment, Occupational Safety and Emergency Skills in Baltic Sea Shipping (OnBoard-Med)
Līguma nr.: CB406
 - ES Programmes
Cream for restoring barrier functions of skin (Stage I)
Līguma nr.: KC-PI-2017/44
 - Assoc. Prof. Jūlija VoicehovskaEU Structural Funds
Cream for restoring barrier functions of the skin (Stage II)
Līguma nr.: KC-PI-2017/44
 - Assoc. Prof. Jūlija VoicehovskaEU Structural Funds
Creation of a National Significance Research Centre of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, and Modernisation of its Infrastructure
Līguma nr.: 2011/0043/2DP/
 - Mārtiņš MenniksEU Structural Funds
Creation of a new interdisciplinary group for the development of nanotechnology based approach in cell biology with application in medicine (I)
Līguma nr.: 2009/0221/1DP/
 -  Irina HolodņukaEU Structural Funds
Creation of a new interdisciplinary scientific group for breast cancer research, treatment effectiveness and improving patient life quality (I)
Līguma nr.: 2009/0230/1DP/
 - Prof. Edvīns MiklaševičsEU Structural Funds
Creation of the methodology for effects of natural antioxidants on development of diabetes mellitus complications (ANTIOKSDIABET)
Līguma nr.: ES 09-10E
 - Assoc. Prof. Andrejs ŠķestersES Programmes
Determination of indoor pollution caused by office equipment and assessment of its potential impact on the organism
Līguma nr.: EEZ09AP-22/04
 - Dr. Mārīte Ārija BaķeEEA and Norway Grants
Development and Promotion of Riga Stradiņš University Scientific Capacity in the Common European Research Area (II)
Līguma nr.: 2015/0007/2DP/
 - Asja LungaEU Structural Funds
Development and study of pseudobionic feedback and technical diagnostic systems for prosthetic and rehabilitation equipment
Līguma nr.: 6.2.-25/2016/0174
 - Assoc. Prof. Pēteris Studers, Iļja Galkins (RTU)RSU and RTU grants
Development of a new dermocosmetic product to restore skin barrier function for patients with metabolic syndrome (III)
Līguma nr.: 2014/0024/2DP/
 - Assoc. Prof. Jūlija VoicehovskaEU Structural Funds
Development of activity directions of the Innovation Centre of Medical Engineering
Līguma nr.: 2007.PSF/4-11/14
 - Uldis TeibeEEA and Norway Grants
Development of advanced diagnostic and research methods for workplace hazards caused by nanoparticles and ergonomic factors
Līguma nr.: 2013/0050/1DP/
 - Assoc. Prof. Ivars VanadziņšEU Structural Funds
Development of biomarkers and therapeutic drug monitoring as tool to personalize immunosuppresive therapy in kidney transplant recipients
Līguma nr.: 132101
 - Asst. Prof. Ieva ZiediņaRSU grants 2019-2020
Development of Hereditary Cancer Prevention Measures in Pskov Region
Līguma nr.: ELRI-097
 - Prof. Edvīns MiklaševičsES Programmes
Development of nanostructured bone substitutes and study of immunological aspects in bone tissue regeneration
Līguma nr.: 6.2.-25/2016/0175
 -  Jeļena Eglīte, Jānis Ločs (RTU)RSU and RTU grants
Development of neuroendocrine and endocrine tumor differential diagnostic technologies
Līguma nr.: 2013/0004/1DP/
 - Asst. Prof. Andrejs VanagsEU Structural Funds