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Work experience

2019 - Present

Associate Professor

Rīga Stradiņš University

2018 - Present

Leading researcher

Riga Stradiņš University, Institute of Public Health

2014 - 2018

Assistant Professor

Rīga Stradiņš University

2005 - Present

Dietary physician

Pauls Stradins University Hospital, department of gastroenterology and nutritional therapy

2006 - 2013


Rīga Stradiņš University

Education and training


Doctor of Medicine (MD, PhD)

Riga Stradiņš University


Licence - Dietary Physician


Master of Public Administration

University of Latvia


Licence – Internist

Rīga Stradiņš University


Medical Doctor Degree

Latvia Medical Academia



Eugène Jansen and Laila Meija. Biochemical markers in primordial prevention: premises and promises.

In: "Adolescent health and wellbeing, current strategies and future trends"

Editors: Alessandro Pingitore, Francesca Mastorci, Cristina Vassalle. Springer.

Chapter 5, p 91-105, 2020.

ISBN 978-3-030-25815-3

ISBN 978-3-030-25816-0 (eBook).


Laila Meija and Indrikis Krams. Rye.

In: “Whole Grains and their Bioactives: Composition and Health”

Editors: Jodee Johnson, Taylor C.Wallace. John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Chapter 7, p 169-208, 2019


Online ISBN:9781119129486 DOI:10.1002/9781119129486


Meija Laila, Guna Havensone, and Aivars Lejnieks. Postprandial glycaemic and insulinaemic responses after consumption of activated wheat and triticale grain flakes. Journal of nutrition and metabolism, 2019


Havensone, G., Meija, L., Balode, L., Stūrīte, I., & Lejnieks, A. Glycaemic Profile and Insulin Response after Consuming Triticale Flakes. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B. Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences. De Gruyter Open, 2017: 434-439


Krams I.,Kecko S.,Inashkina I., Trakimas G.,  Krams R.,Elferts D.,Vrublevska J.,Jõers P.,Rantala M.J., Luoto S., Contreras‐Garduño J., Jankevica L., Meija L., Krama T. Food quality affects the expression of antimicrobial peptide genes upon simulated parasite attack in the larvae of greater wax moth. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 2017, 165.2-3: 129-137


Chapter “Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation” in book “Obstetric” (Dzemdniecība, profesores Daces Rezebergas redakcijā (2016). Rīga, Medicīnas apgāds. 6.nodaļa. Meija L., Balode L. Uzturs grūtniecības un laktācijas laikā, 105. -130.lpp.)


Meija L, Krams I, Cauce V, Samaletdin A, Söderholm P, Meija R, Lārmane L, Lejnieks A, Lietuvietis V, Adlercreutz H. Alkylresorcinol metabolites in urine and plasma as potential biomarkers of rye and wheat fiber consumption in prostate cancer patients and controls. Nutr Cancer. 2015;67(2):258-65


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Krams I, Kecko S, Kangassalo K, Moore FR, Jankevics E, Inashkina I, Krama T, Lietuvietis V, Meija L, Rantala MJ. Effects of food quality on trade-offs among growth, immunity and survival in the greater wax moth Galleria mellonella. Insect Sci. 2015 Mar;22(3):431-9


Skrinda I, Krama T, Kecko S, Moore FR, Kaasik A, Meija L, Lietuvietis V, Rantala MJ, Krams I. Body height, immunity, facial and vocal attractiveness in young men. Naturwissenschaften. 2014 Dec;101(12):1017-25


Krams IA, Skrinda I, Kecko S, Moore FR, Krama T, Kaasik A, Meija L, Lietuvietis V, Rantala MJ. Body height affects the strength of immune response in young men, but not young women. Sci Rep. 2014, 4:6223


Meija L., Soderholm P., Samaletdin A., Ignace G., Siksna I, Joffe R, Lejnieks A, Lietuvietis V, Krams I, Adlercreutz H. Dietary intake and major sources of plant lignans in Latvian men and women. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 2013; 64(5): 535-543


Meija L ., Samaletdin A., Koskela A., Lejnieks A., Lietuvietis V, Adlercreutz H. Alkylresorcinols in Latvian and Finnish breads. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 2013; 64(1): 117-121


Bobere N., Podjava A., Meija L., Jakobsone I. Determination of alkylresorcinols by HPLC-UV in cereals breed in Latvia. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Section B Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences, 2013; 67 (4/5): 389-393


Meija L., Ignace G., Cauce V., Siksna I., Joffe, N. Bobere, V. Lietuvietis, A. Lejnieks, P. Söderholm,  Adlercreutz. H. Consumption of the Whole-Grain Rye Bread and Progression of Prostate Cancer. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B. Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences, 2013; 67(4/5): 448-451


Proper maternal nutrition during pregnancy planning and pregnancy: a healthy start in life (2017)

Recommendations for health care professionals – the experience from Latvia. These recommendations were prepared within the Biennial Collaborative Agreement between the Ministry of Health of Latvia and the WHO Regional Office for Europe (2016–2017) on the basis of the recommendations of the WHO Regional. Office for Europe in 2016 for good maternal nutrition.…






2020 - present. Excess Weight, Dietary Habits and Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty acids status in Pregnancy. Latvia Council of Science. Project Leader and Principal investigator.

2017 - 2019. Quality of diet in pregnant women in Latvia. Institute of Public Health. Riga Stradins University. Project leader.

2015 – 2016. Innovative approach to hull-less spring cereals and triticale use from human health perspective. Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. Leader of RSU work package and Principal  Investigator.

2015. Establishment of new scientific group for multisector research of local breeding serial evaluation considering it`s nutritional parameters and use for prevention of inflammatory bowel diseases. The European Social Fund project No. 2013/0072/1DP/ Researcher.

2011 -2013. Assessment of potential of local origin whole-grain species and obtaining of species to be used for acquisition of specific diet. Nr. DP/ ERAF; 2010. Leading researcher.

Honours and awards

2017.AcknowledgementofLatvianAcademyofSciencesfor achievementsinappliedsciencein project “Innovative approach to hull-less spring cereals and triticale use from human health perspective”

Memberships, profesional associations

2016 – Present. President of LASPEN (The Latvian society for clinical nutrition and metabolism) Latvian Association of Internists
Latvian society of Endocrinology
Gastroenterology Society of Latvia

Academic Activities

Development of curriculum and leading
Study courses:
Practical aspects of nutritional therapy
Nutrition for health in different life stages, functional food Residency program: Dietology

Other information

Expert of Latvian Academy of Sciences.

Reviewed manuscripts in journals: Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal; Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry; Journal of the American College of Nutrition; Nutrition Journal; Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

Associate Editor in journal: Clinical Nutrition ESPEN.

Review on the national guidelines on Maternal Nutrition of Uzbekistan as a temporary adviser of the World Health Organisation.

Member of Nutritional board, Ministry of Health.

Participation in activities of Latvian government, process of legislation regarding nutrition issues, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture.


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