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Coronavirus and Your Career - What You Need to Know (April, 2020 - 8 min read)

Best Resume Formats for 2021 (February, 2021 - 10 min read)

20 Ways to Succeed at Work (infographic, 8 min read)

10 Qualities of a Good Boss (infographic, 10 min read)

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The Career Advice I wish I Had at 25 (March 2015)


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WikiJob  - website provides a range of free information on career planning, application, job interview questions, aptitude tests & internships advice among others.
TED-Ed - educational videos
Khanacademy - interactive library
Edx - participate in online courses offered by the best universities in the world
Udacity  - study programmes recognised by sector leaders
Highbrow - mini courses straight to your inbox
Skillshare - online courses and projects that promote creativity
Curious - improve your knowledge with online videos
Creativelive - participate in activities led by experts
Platzi - courses in design, marketing and coding
Datacamp - online courses in information sciences
Datamonkey - develop your analytical skills in a simple but engaging way
Alison - free subjects and high-quality knowledge
Coursera - online learning platform
MIT - Listen in on and participate in lectures at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Academicearth - open courses for free in a variety of fields
Futurelearn - online learning platform
Memrise - learn a language
Duolingo - learn a language for free
Lingvist - learn a language and create your own course
Buusu - learn over 10 languages for free
Memrise - improve your memory in order to learn a language
Pianu - a new way to learn to play the piano
Yousitian - learn to play the guitar, to sing, or to play the piano
Calm - meditation app