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Faculty of Medicine

Students are allowed to choose study subjects within the framework of study year 4 and/or 5 and/or 6. A combination of study courses from Year 4 and 5 is possible. Overlaps may occur. The entire study programme is offered in English.
Medicine study programme 2020/21 curriculum
Medicine study programme 2021/2022 curriculum

Faculty of Dentistry

Students are only allowed to choose study subjects within the framework of study year 4 and/or 5.
The number of places for incoming students is very limited.
No additional and/or summer internships/clinical trainings are possible.
Curriculum for Dentistry study programme 2021/22
Curriculum for Dentistry study programme 2020/21

Faculty of Rehabilitation

The Faculty of Rehabilitation offers the following clinical placement opportunities for Erasmus students:

  • Occupational Therapy


  • Physiotherapy


Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare

Social Work study programme – Spring term

Spring term 2020/2021 curriculum

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers exchange students the opportunity to acquire experience in laboratory Research Work in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

The number of places for incoming students is very limited.

Social Sciences

Studies at the Faculties of European Studies and Communication are taught via modular system, meaning extensive and rigorous work for four weeks, at the end of which students have to pass an exam. In the modular system, most modules take one month to complete (i.e., short modules), while others extend over the full semester (long modules).

Combination of courses from the different departments are allowed, however this might lead to high possibility of overlaps and dropped courses.
Study subjects of the Law programme are taught only in Spring semester.

Faculty of European Studies – Department of Political Science
Political and International Economics4.5AutumnBachelor
Foreign Policy of the EU4.5AutumnBachelor
Political Communication of the EU4.5SpringBachelor
International Institutions4.5SpringBachelor
Institutions and Foreign Policy of the United States of America3SpringBachelor
Russia in World Politics4.5SpringBachelor
Global Governance: Institutions and Processes7.5AutumnMaster
Power, War and Diplomacy7.5AutumnMaster
Politics and Religion: Governing the Middle East7.5SpringMaster
Small States and International Governance7.5AutumnMaster
Foreign Policy Vectors of the People's Republic of China7.5AutumnMaster
Regional and social policy of European Union member states7.5AutumnMaster
Theories and Methods in International Relations and Diplomacy7.5AutumnMaster
International Law and Diplomatic rights7.5SpringMaster
The United States and the International Order7.5SpringMaster
Energy, Security and Diplomacy: Power Relations and Strategic Perspectives7.5SpringMaster
European Union Global Political Economy7.5AutumnMaster
Security Governance: the Euro-Atlantic Space and Beyond 7.5AutumnMaster
International Organisations7.5AutumnMaster
Faculty of European Studies – Department of International Business & Economics
Political and Legal Environment of Global Business4.5AutumnBachelor
International Financial Relations and European Monetary Union3AutumnBachelor
Sustainable Development in Economy and Business4.5AutumnBachelor
Environmental Economics and Finances4.5AutumnBachelor
Public Support Models in International Business4.5AutumnBachelor
Change Management4.5AutumnBachelor
International Commercial Law4.5AutumnBachelor
Creativity and Innovation4.5AutumnBachelor
Applied Enterpreneurship6AutumnBachelor
Sustainable International Marketing3AutumnMaster
Human Resource Management in International Business3SpringBachelor
Regionalisation Trends in International Economy4.5SpringBachelor
Applied Macroeconomics and Statistics6SpringBachelor
Business Communication and Ethics6SpringBachelor
Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance6SpringBachelor
Venture Capital6SpringBachelor
Talent Management in International Business6SpringBachelor
Project Management in International Business**
** The course will only take place if there are at least 4 students in the group
European Union: Economic Policy and Business Environment3SpringMaster

* Please note that master's-level courses require advanced knowledge of English (at least B2 level).

Faculty of Communication
Social Anthropology3SpringBachelor
Introduction to Communication Theories3SpringBachelor

Media Audiences*
*The course will only take place if there are at least 7 students in the group

Intercultural Communication3AutumnBachelor
Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics3AutumnBachelor
Crisis Communication4.5AutumnBachelor
Public Relations Strategies and Campaigns4.5AutumnBachelor
Methods and Genres of Journalism3AutumnBachelor
Photo Journalism3AutumnBachelor
Visual Anthropology3AutumnBachelor
Faculty of Law
International Humanitarian Law3Bachelor
International Refugee Law3Bachelor
International Public Law3Bachelor
International Private Law3Bachelor
Human Rights Issues in the EU3Bachelor
International Health Law3Bachelor
EU Investment Law3Bachelor
International Sports Law3Bachelor
Pharmaceutical Rights3Bachelor
International Law of the Sea3Bachelor
All course are available in both semesters.
Clinical Placements in Medicine

Most of the Medical courses in RSU consist of lectures, seminars and practicals (in hospital) as a part of regular curriculum. No additional and/or summer internships/clinical rotations are possible.