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Please see the Application Checklist for more information on the RSU application submission requirements.

Since RSU offers a variety of study programmes that may have specific application requirements, please see the respective annex of the Admissions Procedure about the programme you are planning to apply for. 

To apply for undergraduate study programmes taught in English, these are the general academic requirements: 

Completed secondary education

To apply for undergraduate study programmes, you must have completed secondary education (secondary/high school diploma and academic transcript). This usually grants university entrance qualification and makes you eligible for university studies at a university in your home country or abroad.

We require that you have studied several subjects in secondary/high school for at least two semesters, and acquired a minimum admissions criteria/mark/grade (page 28-32, we accept both exam grades or final semester grades). Please see the minimum criteria to determinate how realistic it is for you to be admitted to RSU.

Undergraduate Programmes in Health Sciences  

Medicine (MD)CompulsoryCompulsory**Compulsory**CompulsoryPreferable
Dentistry (DDS)CompulsoryCompulsory**Compulsory**CompulsoryPreferable
Pharmacy (MPharm)CompulsoryCompulsoryPreferableCompulsoryPreferable
Nursing (BSc)CompulsoryPreferable CompulsoryCompulsoryPreferable
Physiotherapy (BSc)CompulsoryPreferableCompulsoryCompulsoryPreferable
Occupational Therapy (BSc)CompulsoryPreferableCompulsoryCompulsoryPreferable

* English language requirements are set and specified in more detail below the tables with compulsory subjects.

** The minimum of compulsory subjects you should have studied are English (requirements mentioned below the tables), Mathematics and Biology, or Chemistry. Regarding Biology and Chemistry - we will process your application if, in addition to English and Mathematics, you have also studied only either Biology or Chemistry.

Undergraduate Programmes in Social Sciences

International Business and Start-up EntrepreneurshipCompulsoryCompulsoryCompulsory**

* English language requirements are set and specified in more detail below the tables with compulsory subjects.

** Latvian is compulsory only for applicants who have obtained secondary/high school education in a school that issues standard Latvian diplomas (accredited in Latvia). If you have obtained your secondary/high school education in any other country/educational system, you do not need to have studied Latvian language to apply for this programme.  


In addition to the above mentioned requirements, RSU only accepts applications with passing grades. This means that in all other subjects you have in your secondary/high-school diploma and academic transcript, you should have at least passing grades. Applicants with failing grades are not admitted to RSU.

English language requirements

All applicants, except native English speakers, must demonstrate their English language proficiency by submitting documents that testify their knowledge of English. Preferably you should submit one of the following certificates with a minimum score of:

Duolingo English Test (online)120
Cambridge English Certificate (Proficiency)160
Cambridge English Certificate (Advanced)160

Cambridge English Certificate (First)


Cambridge English Linguaskill170
PTE Academic (Pearson)85
British GCE A LevelsB level


International English proficiency certificates and corresponding test results are valid for 2 years.

If none of the above applies but you have studied English at secondary school, the grade from the secondary/high school official transcript can also be accepted, provided that the grade received is very good or excellent. In case of any doubts, RSU reserves the rights to ask for an official language certificate as listed above.

Age restriction

There is no age restriction to apply for studies at RSU. However, please note that medical studies are very demanding and rigorous. The study process will require your full attention, individual studies on everyday basis, excellent memory and determination.

If you are minor (under age; you have not turned 18 yet) when you start your studies at RSU, in accordance with Latvian law you need a legal guardian in Latvia until you come of age, i.e., turn 18. The guardian can be any legal resident of the Republic of Latvia (citizen, non-citizen, a citizen of an EU/EEA country, a resident of Latvia with a permanent or temporary residence permit) who is at least 18 years old.

Your parents need to sign a document (prepared and issued by a notary) which states that they authorise a certain person (full name, personal number, passport No. or your guardian’s residence card No. and validity period) to be your legal guardian in Latvia until you come of age. For further details please contact any notary office in your country.

To apply for Master's study programmes, please see the entry criteria for each programme: