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Apply for studies in EnglishIn order to apply for studies in English at RSU, please follow these seven easy steps.

1. Get information

Read the available information about the study programmes that RSU offers in English and choose the study programme that you are interested in.

Once you have chosen the study programme, learn about the admission requirements, application process and Admissions Procedure.

2. Apply for studies

Fill in and submit your application online via

After the application is submitted electronically, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us with further instructions on how to apply for studies.

Online application is only the first step in the process! RSU accepts and works with paper form applications only sent to us by regular post (snail mail) along with a signed printout of the online application.

Make sure you put together a full application package with all the requested application documents mentioned on the application checklist.

Do not forget to check the application period start date and deadline, and send your application within the given deadline to an RSU representative or directly to RSU:

Once the hard copies of your application documents are received by RSU, we will send an email to acknowledge receipt within two weeks. For any enquiries, please contact the International Admissions Office at admissionsatrsu[pnkts]lv.

The application package must be complete (all necessary documents mentioned on the Application checklist for each respective study programme). Incomplete applications will not be considered!
3. Wait for the results

The decision of the RSU International Admissions Board will be announced a maximum of two months after we have received the complete application package. You will be informed about the decision of the RSU International Admissions Board electronically to the e-mail address that you provided in your online application. If the decision is positive, you will also receive a postal package from us containing an official Offer Letter (with two annexes) together with other relevant information to the postal address you provided in the online application.

Please be careful when entering your contact information in the application form, to make sure we can contact you!
4. Make the tuition fee payment

To confirm your study place, make the tuition fee payment indicated in the Annex 1 of the official RSU Offer Letter within the deadline stated in the Offer Letter.

5. Prepare for arrival

After your tuition fee payments are received by RSU, you will receive several welcome e-mails from us with relevant information about the studies, Orientation Week etc. You will be able to sign up for different events taking place during Orientation Week. 

6. Register for studies and sign the study contract

Registration for studies and signing of the study contract takes place during the Orientation Week (the last week before the official start of semester). If you arrive later, please come to sign the study contract to the International Admissions Office immediately upon arrival.

7. Congratulations! You are now a student of RSU!

Prepare for your studies, check your study timetable, start using the RSU student information systems (MyRSU), get to know your group mates, etc.

Make sure you know where your first class is, and arrive there on time! Please see here for information about the RSU Study Bases.

Good luck with your studies! Remember, we are here to help you!