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Programme Fact File

Study direction:
Management, Administration and Real Estate Management
Doctor's study programme
accredited until
Degree conferred:
Doctoral degree (PhD) in Economics and Entrepreneurship
Language: Latvian, English
Credit points/ECTS: 120/180
Study location: Rīga
3 years
2 free of charge
12 paid
The fee for studies in English in this programme is 3500 EUR.
Currently, the programme is implemented in Latvian. The implementation of the programme in English as well as distance learning have been applied for in the accreditation process.

The aim of the study programme is to provide in-depth knowledge of management science in a global context, current issues in organisations, develop critical and analytical thinking and research skills in doctoral students, integrating theoretical knowledge with practice, resulting in an internationally-recognised doctoral degree. 


The doctoral study programme will provide for specialisation in management science, marketing management and health management. 

Study results 

As a result of their studies within this study programme the doctoral student will broaden their knowledge and competence in scientific work, during their studies have the initial scientific work approbated, through the knowledge acquired in the study courses, the doctoral student will gain skills in preparing and defending the doctoral thesis.


Ability to show good knowledge of and an understanding of the latest scientific theories and opinions in the field, a good command of research methodology and current research methods in management science and economics and the relevant specialisation, as well as the crossover into other fields.


The ability to independently evaluate and select the most relevant methods for scientific research, by contributing to broadening the knowledge or bringing a new insight into current knowledge and its application in practice, carrying out original research, part of which consists of publications in internationally quotable scientific journals. The ability to communicate one's field of scientific research, undertake independent scientific projects, lead research and development tasks in businesses, institutions and organisations.


The ability to tackle significant tasks in research and innovation, by undertaking independent, critical analysis, synthesis and assessment, independently propose a research idea, plan, structure and lead large scientific projects, including projects in a global context.

Programme content

Compulsory scientific research component

  • Independently undertaken original research, participation in conferences, preparation of publications and publication

Compulsory academic component

  • Methodology of scientific work
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Research ethics 
  • Higher education pedagogy
  • Financial management 
  • Contemporary management theories and strategic management
  • Organisational effectiveness management
  • Seminars on planning and methodology, theoretical and research components, as well as a seminar on doctoral dissertations 

Free elective component  (6 CP)

  • Human resource management in the contemporary business environment 
  • Management of health systems
  • Current issues in Marketing management 
  • Health care economics and finance
  • Strategic brand management 
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Preparation of research articles/Scientific language

Head of Programme

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