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Programme Fact File

Study direction:
Management, Administration and Real Estate Management
Doctor's study programme
accredited until
Degree conferred / qualification obtained:
Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Social Sciences
Language: Latvian, English
Credit points/ECTS: 176/264
Study location: Rīga
4 years
6 full fee
The implementation of the three-year-long Business Management and Economics doctoral programme will be suspended from the 2023/2024 academic year (from 2 October 2023) to ensure that students are transferred to the new sub-programme. The duration of studies in the new sub-programme is four years. Its contents have been developed in accordance with a Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 345 (25 June 2020) “On the Introduction of the New Doctoral Studies Model in Latvia”.


To train academically educated and competitive experts and researchers in business management and economics with knowledge, skills and competences in line with the level of the Latvian National Qualifications Framework, resulting in an internationally recognised doctoral degree. To promote the enhancement of scientific excellence and research at the national and international level.


  • To contribute to the enhancement of scientific excellence and research in the field of the sub-programme;
  • To enable doctoral students to develop internationally comparable competences in economics and business;
  • To provide a full cycle of Bachelor - Master - Doctoral studies in Business Management at RSU;
  • To ensure that the doctoral sub-programme is open for interdisciplinary research focusing on the internationalisation of business management and economics.


Compulsory research component
  • Independent original research, participation in conferences, preparation and publication of publications, participation in scientific projects;
  • Publication in an internationally peer-reviewed scientific journal, or acceptance for publication in a journal listed in such databases as Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH PLUS;
  • Publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in Latvia, or confirmation of acceptance for publication in journals included in such databases as Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH PLUS;
  • Publication of the full text of the proceedings of an international conference or congress (at least three pages);
  • Oral report or presentation on the topic of the thesis at an international congress or conference;
  • Oral report or presentation on the topic of the thesis at a local congress or conference;
  • Abstract for an international congress, conference or seminar;
  • Abstract at a local congress or seminar;
  • Scientific monograph (sole author);
  • A section in a scientific monograph;
  • Research work abroad;
  • Participation in research projects.

By the end of your studies, you must have at least two citable publications in internationally reviewed scientific journals, or one citable publication in an internationally reviewed scientific journal (Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH PLUS), or one monograph.

Compulsory education component
  • Philosophy of Science, Research Principles, Methods, Methodology and Practice in Social Sciences from an Interdisciplinary Research Perspective
  • Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and Science
  • Scientific Writing and Scientific Communication
  • Doctoral Examination in a Foreign Language
  • Doctoral Examination in the Field and Sub-Field of Science
  • Independent Teaching Activity
  • Independent Scientific Research Work
  • Development of Doctoral Thesis
Restricted elective component (courses to be chosen in the amount of 6 – 8 CP)*

* Courses from the restricted component may be replaced by free elective courses up to a maximum of 2 CP

  • Conceptual Approaches to Innovative Healthcare Organisation
  • Civil Defence and Environmental Protection
  • Mathematical Statistical Methods in Social Sciences
  • English in Social Sciences: Drafting a Scientific Manuscript
  • Development Trends of Socio-Economic Processes in Business Management and Economics
Elective component (courses to be chosen in the amount of 0 – 2 CP)
  • The free elective component (C) offers elective courses corresponding to level 8 of doctoral studies.


Allocation of credit points

Doctoral students have the opportunity to go on an Erasmus+ exchange during their studies.
Erasmus+ conditions and RSU partner universities

Admissions regulations for the 2023/2024 academic year



Are you ready for new challenges and changes in your life? Are you interested in innovative solutions to contemporary business management problems in a scientific and practical context?
We welcome you to carry out scientific research together with us within the Management Science doctoral programme with a specialisation in business, marketing and health management. The specialisation is unique in Latvia and provides opportunities to analyse international business practices and propose recommendations for business promotion.
Outstanding professors and researchers from Latvia, Europe and other regions of the world are ready to collaborate and support you in your research process, scientific and academic activities, and share their knowledge and experience.
You will be given the opportunity to carry out independent critical analysis, tackle major research or innovation challenges, independently propose a research idea, plan, structure and manage a research project, and carry out academic activities.
We cannot promise you an easy life, but we do promise you a life filled with inspiration, ideas, new contacts and opportunities.
You will have the opportunity to participate in international projects, discuss your research results and present them at conferences and international forums.
Let's stay together on the road to academic excellence!
See you at Rīga Stradiņš University!

Prof. Tatjana Muravska, lecturer


I decided to study business management at RSU after a lot of thought and careful analysis. I would like to encourage all my peers who are currently in the process of thinking about taking the next step and facing a new challenge. The programme is designed to be suitable for doctoral students from a variety of backgrounds. I see doctoral studies as an excellent opportunity to broaden my professional knowledge in political science and diplomacy and to look at my field from an academic perspective.
Don't be afraid, open this next door with confidence! The challenge will be enormous, of course, but the satisfaction of the work and the achievements will certainly be worth it. You will meet knowledgeable and supportive lecturers along the way who are ready to share their expertise. You will have the opportunity to meet new groupmates and like-minded people, as well as make new friends. You will have the opportunity to experience an excellent academic environment and engage in scholarly discussions. You may come to the philosophical conclusion that you don't know anything and struggle with the blank page syndrome. In this case, lecturer Prof. Tatjana Muravska will encourage you and offer a helping hand.
Give it a try and take a step in this professional and academic challenge!

Līga Andersone, graduate doctoral student

Academic Staff

Nora Jansone-Ratinika
Director, Academic Staff, Lead Researcher
Guntars Dreijers
Asociētais viesprofesors
Daiga Behmane
Vice-Dean, Lead Researcher, Project Manager, Director of Study Programme, Member of Scientific Council
Andrejs Cekuls
Visiting Professor
Andrejs Ivanovs
Head of the Unit, Lead Researcher
Olga Leontjeva
Visiting Professor
Karina Palkova
Academic Staff, Vice-Dean, Director of Study Programme, Lead Researcher
Jeļena Šalkovska
Visiting Professor
Jānis Vētra
Academic Staff, Chair, Lead Researcher
Kristīne Mārtinsone
Head of the Department, Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Tatjana Muravska
Academic Staff, Director of Study Programme
Anželika Berķe-Berga
Head of the Department, Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Olav Götz
Academic Staff
Henrijs Kaļķis
Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff, Researcher
Aldis Lieljuksis
Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Oļegs Sabeļņikovs
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Rico Isaacs
Visiting professor

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