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Matriculation Ceremony

The Matriculation Ceremony is the opening ceremony of the academic year during which first year students are welcomed. During the ceremony students are welcomed by representatives of the governing body of the University: the Chairman of the Senate, the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans and Vice-Deans. Students are introduced to student organisations, the RSU Sports Club and other cultural groups.


White Lab Coat Celebration

The White Lab Coat celebration, organised annually by our University's Faculty of Dentistry, symbolically marks third year dental students’ transition from preclinical (dummies) to clinical training (work on patients); although supervision by doctors continues until graduation. The celebration begins with the students’ oath, after which they are symbolically transferred to their new status, and they are involved in small role plays.


Academic Meeting

The RSU Academic Meeting is held at the beginning of the study year, during which representatives from the governing body inform employees about the tasks for the new study year and honour the best and most outstanding employees. The Rector of RSU delivers a speech and presentation and gives the Annual Award for lifelong contribution and Annual Award in the following categories: Academic Structural Unit of the Year, Administrative Structural Unit of the Year and Scientific Structural Unit of the Year. The RSU Students’ Council grants its special award. The meeting is followed by a concert or musical performance.


Freshers' Sports Day

One of the goals of Freshers' Sports Day is to encourage first-year students to lead an active lifestyle during their studies. Freshers can participate in different sports and learn about what opportunities for sports and exercise are available to them at RSU.

The RSU Sports Club traditionally organises basketball and volleyball championships and other competitions in various sports where teaching staff are also welcome to participate.


Graduation Ceremony

Students receive their diplomas at the RSU graduation ceremony. The deans of each faculty issue diplomas to graduates; students who have graduated with Summa Cum Laude receive their diploma from the Rector. Having accepted the diploma, students move the plume of the academic hood from the left side to the right, symbolising their academic achievement. During the ceremony all present unite in singing the National Anthem of Latvia Dievs, svētī Latviju!, as well as the academic song Gaudeamus Igitur.

At the graduation ceremony of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, students give the Physician's Pledge, while students from other medical and healthcare study programmes give the Hippocratic Oath – the solemn oath, publicly taking responsibility for the health and life of their future patients.


Scientific Conference

The annual RSU Scientific Conference is the central event in medicine and social sciences in Latvia, organised by the RSU Research Department. Teaching staff, residents and doctoral students present their research at the conference every year. Taking into account the large number of submitted papers and high interest in the conference, it is held for two days. The papers presented in the conference cover the priority research topics of the university. The Student Scientific Conference is held at the same time.


Academic Ball

The Academic Ball, held in the spring semester, and attended by staff and students of RSU, as well as invited guests, is a celebration of the common achievements. During the evening an Annual Award is presented to the best students and employees. Traditionally, the Ball begins with a polonaise; the rest of the evening is spent conversing and dancing to classical and modern music.


Honorary Doctors' Inauguration Ceremony

At the inauguration ceremony, Honorary Doctors (Doctor Honoris Causa) are awarded the diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa, a distinction awarded by the Senate of RSU to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contribution to the development of Latvia and RSU. During the ceremony representatives of the RSU governing body, dressed in their official gowns – robes, present the Honorary Doctors the Diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa, as well as the robe and hood of an Honorary Doctor. During the ceremony, Laudatio is recited with the merit description of the recipient of the honorary diploma. It is followed by speeches and a musical performance. 


Senior Evening

The aim of the Senior Evening is to thank the seniors – former and long-term employees – for their input and to inform them of the current events taking place at the University. Senior evenings usually take place at the beginning of the year in January or February, and they are attended by former employees, the Rector, Chairman of the Senate, Vice-Rectors and other invited guests.


 Open Days

Every spring – in March or April – RSU organises Open days. Future students are addressed by the Rector, Vice-Rector for Education, Deans, Vice-Deans, heads of study programmes, students, members of the selection committee, etc. Those interested in studying at RSU may obtain additional information about the university, separate study programmes, as well as go on a tour of the RSU and the Medical Education Technology Centre.