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Baiba Vilne, PhD, is a bioinformatician that has recently returned in Latvia after 13 years of studies and scientific work in Munich, Germany. Baiba performs analysis and integration of genome, transcriptoma, microbiome and other omics data with clinical, as well as environmental and lifestyle information. This type of analyses is currently highly relevant in the context of personalized medicine, which aims at tailoring the diagnostics and therapy to each individual's needs.


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Juta Kroiča
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Egija Berga-Švītiņa
Academic Staff, Researcher
Kārlis Rācenis
Academic Staff, Researcher, Doctoral student
Dace Rezevska
Technical Assistant
Linda Gabrusenoka
Manager, Technology Transfer Office
Ayumi Takemoto
Lead Researcher
Līvija Bārdiņa
Research assistant
Kristīna Grausa
Research assistant
Sandis Mauriņš
Senior Laboratory Assistant, Researcher, Technical Assistant
Dace Zamerovska
Project Coordinator
Ineta Ermiņa
Project Administrator
Līga Žūka
Project Manager
Jānis Freivalds
Project Manager
Edgars Lācis
Project Manager
Aniket Sawant
Visiting researcher