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Areas of Work, Main Tasks and Objectives

  • Ensure implementation of modern diagnostic radiology study programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Academic supervision of  research carried out by students, resident physicians and PhD students
  • Active involvement in professional associations (Latvian Society of Radiology, Latvian Musculoskeletal Radiology Association, Latvian Association of Ultrasound)
  • Pedagogical and scientific upskilling of the academic personnel

The Department of Radiology implements:

  • the following study courses: Basics of Radiology, Modern Imaging, Radiography, Medical Technologies – Radiation Diagnostics, General X-ray Radiography and Radiology;
  • theme-based courses in radiology;
  • integrated e-studies training in diagnostic radiology;
  • scientific projects, clinical trials involving doctoral students;
  • supervision of diagnostic radiology study programmes in residency.

Scientific topics

  • Embolisation of colorectal cancer liver metastases using chemo medication charged microspheres in monotherapy and in combination with systemic chemotherapy – method and comparison of clinical results
  • Radiological examination of neurosarcoidosis using magnetic resonance imaging: dissemination paths, treatment efficacy and criteria for differential diagnosis with meninges tuberculosis and carcinomatosis
  • Magnetic resonance enterography in diagnostics of inflammatory bowel disease using diffusion weighed image with body background signal suppression (MR DWIBS) sequence
  • Development of aggressive vasospasm endovascular treatment and assessment of its clinical efficacy in patients with cerebral aneurysm rupture and subarachnoid haemorrhage
  • Early diagnostic imaging and reperfusion tactics of cerebral infarction associated with radiological and clinical outcome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – cerebrovascular and cardiovascular risks
  • Study of myocardial perfusion in patients with myocardial bridges

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