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RSU Doctoral School continues the course of five webinars on the subjects of bioinfromatics, multi-OMICS and personalized medicine.

2nd Webinar: Genome & Epigenome Data Analysis

In this second lecture, we will focus on the Bioinformatics analyses pipelines of the first two OMICs data types - Genome and Epigenome. In particular, we will consider Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) in the context of Pharmacogenomics, to study, whether and how particular genetic variations may affect an individual's response to certain drugs and perform a Hands-On-Training using the genome data analysis toolset - PLINK. Finally, we will touch upon DNA Methylation Data Analysis & Epigenome-Wide Association Studies (EWAS).


Dr Baiba Vilne has more than 10 years of experience in bioinformatics and systems medicine, analysing genomic data (arrays, WES/WGS) transcriptome and microbiome data. Her major focus has been integrative multi-omics analysis for precision medicine, starting from pair-wise integrations (e.g., expression quantitative trait loci; eQTLs), followed by re-construction of gene co-expression networks/modules, linking those to the life-style and environment data.

Head of Bioinformatics Unit
Working language: English


Upcoming webinars in this series

14 April

Transcriptome & Proteome Data Analysis

12 May

Metabolome & Microbiome Data Analysis

16 June

Clinical/Environmental/Life-Style Data Analysis & Data Integration
online @ Zoom