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International Cooperation

From 23 to 27 September, Belgian medical artist, curator and president of the European Association of Medical and Scientific Illustrators, Pascale Pollier Green, visited Riga to conduct an anatomical drawing masterclass for Master’s students from the Art Academy of Latvia.

The talented art students and lecturers who participated in this masterclass got the opportunity to transform historical anatomical specimens and moulages into artworks by using carbon dust, silver point and watercolour techniques. This was the first event of its kind as part of the cooperation agreement between both educational institutions. The organisers strove to find ways to use the RSU Anatomical Museum’s historical collection into a contemporary context. Project organisers are planning to develop the anatomical drawing masterclass into a more ambitious and accessible project for RSU students as well.

The RSU Anatomy Museum has previously cooperated with the Art Academy of Latvia and Pascale Pollier Green when they organised a workshop for medical and art students to re-create mimetic facial muscles. This masterclass was part of the RSU International Student Conference.