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Public Health

On 18 September, Prof. Gunta Lazdāne, who is the Director of the RSU Institute of Public Health, was a guest on the Latvijas Radio 1 programme Zināmais nezināmajā (The Known Unknown). The topic of the programme was contraception - the latest research, attitudes in society, their impact on nature and the body, as well as the diversity of contraceptive methods.

Globally, a lot of time and resources has gone into contraceptive research, but in Latvia family planning is still all too often surrounded by a lack of knowledge, myths and prejudices. The last study on sexual and reproductive health was carried out in Latvia in 2011. In this study it was found that almost a quarter of couples do not use contraception at all, and a fifth of respondents use the withdrawal method as a their only form of contraception.

In order to assess sexual and reproductive health, including the advancement of contraceptive use over the last eight years, the Ministry of Health is planning a widespread survey in 2019. In the survey people will be asked to share their experiences and express any complaints. The data will not only help understand the current situation in Latvia, but will be used to shape and implement policy going forward.