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International Cooperation
EIT Health

On 15 June, the Latvian hub of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology's health community (EIT Health), which is based in Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), hosted the inaugural event of a new series 'Brain Food for Innovators.' The first event was the masterclass 'Funding challenges and opportunities for start-ups in healthcare'.

A study conducted by the EIT Health Hub in Latvia showed that Latvian healthcare start-ups want to increase their knowledge about various topics related to entrepreneurship. One of those topics is how to attract financing and investment. The EIT Health Hub in Latvia therefore invited Holly Ann Baldwin, Director of Operations at Oxentia, a global innovation consultancy established by the University of Oxford, to share her experience on this topic and to answer ant questions the Latvian start-ups might have.

During the masterclass, Baldwin identified different sources of funding and explained what differentiates them, addressed funding challenges specific to healthcare start-ups, and discussed funding opportunities for start-ups in 2021 and the future.


The choice of start-up funding source depends on multiple factors – the stage of innovation, the amount of financing that is needed, timeframe, access, risks. There are challenges related to finding these sources for healthcare innovations, but currently there are also a vast range of opportunities. It is important not to lose focus on the difference we can make for patients.

Holly Ann Baldwin

Baldwin has over 15 years’ experience in technology commercialisation for public, private and university clients around the world, from start-ups to global organisations – in the European Union, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

The EIT Health Hub in Latvia looks forward to continuing its 'Brain Food for Innovators' series in the future.

For more information about EIT Health, please e-mail eithealthatrsu[pnkts]lv or visit their website.