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The Council of the Student Union of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) is the main decision-making body. Each RSU student is welcome to get involved by standing for election that takes place once every academic year. The Council elects the Board – the executive authority of the Student Union, represented by a Chairperson, an Assistant Chairperson, eight members of the Board and three Vice-Chairpersons.


Photo from RSU Student Union archive. 

The Council of RSU Student Union 2019

Currently the Council of 2019 is composed of 36 students representing eight faculties (composition of the Council announced on 10 November 2018).

  • Three representatives from the Faculty of Communication: Tālivaldis Kronbergs, Markuss Boļšaks and Antra Zuce
  • Three representatives from the Faculty of European Studies: Zane Čivle, Francis Hugo Gulbis and Agnese Feldmane
  • Three representatives from the Faculty of Law: Amanda Barkāne, Darja Zaharova and Agnese Sausiņa
  • Two representatives from the Faculty of Pharmacy: Ilze Elīna Blūma and Elizabete Paula Valguma
  • Two representatives from the Faculty of Dentistry: Kristīne Romanovska and Laura Lāčauniece
  • Four representatives from the Faculty of Rehabilitation: Madara Dāboliņa, Krista Kīna, Agate Ķerubiņa and Artis Spāģis
  • Five representatives from the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare: Anna Atslēga, Līva Zvirgzdiņa, Dita Poševa, Sintija Sovane and Paula Feldmane
  • Fourteen representatives from the Faculty of Medicine: Žanis Sevastjanovs, Igor Sirotin, Viboosani Murugaboopathy, Līva Marta Spīgule, Robert Ekman, Philipp Merkle, Simon Scheibner, Serafima Grigorjeva, Lennard Hollberg, Henna Salmenkivi, Daniils Žukovs, Catharina Clara Blaafjell Holwech, Sandis Kovaļovs and Iga Olejarczyk.

Board of the RSU Student Union 2019

  • Chair of the Board Māris Lapšovs (MF III)
In 2018 the RSU Student Union was chaired by Linda Skulme, a 4th year physiotherapy student. An interview with Linda, dated 4 January 2018 is available here.
  • Head of the Department of Academic Affairs, Marija Luīze Kalniņa (MF IV) and Deputy Head of Academic Affairs, Aija Tumova (MF II) are in charge of successful communication with the members of the Faculty Council and study year leaders.
  • Head of the Department of Social Affairs, Anna Jete Gauja (MF II) will be dealing with improvement of the university environment with an aim to foster the study process and communicating with the representatives of student hostels.
  • Head of the Department of Science, Sintija Kukaine (MF III) is engaged in popularising science and research among students by organising events associated with research within and outside the university.
  • Head of the Department of Communication, Francis Hugo Gulbis (ESF I)  and Deputy Head of the Department of Communication, Santa Kliedere (ESF II) are in charge of the flow of information within and outside the university so that the students receive the most up-to-date information.
  • Head of the Department of Internal Collaboration and Human Resources, Ieva Cīrule (ESF II) is responsible for communication and cooperation between members of the Student Union and attraction of new members and students to various events.
  • Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mārtiņš Danefelds (MF IV) is in charge of cooperation and communication with other student representative bodies.
  • Head of the Department of Culture and Sports, Katrīna Freimane (MF II) provides students with an opportunity to participate in various sporting and cultural activities.

From 22 to 31 October, 74 students nominated their candidates for the Council of the Student Union. Voting took place from 5 to 11 November, and each RSU student had an opportunity to vote for the candidates representing their faculties. For the second consecutive year, online voting was available. In total, this year the university saw the highest voter turnout – the number of voters reached 1945. The members of the Council gather for a monthly meeting to elect student representatives in various RSU institutions and discuss topical issues of the Student Union.

The Board of the Student Union is in charge of the main events by fulfilling its duties and attracting other students to various activities.

RSU Student Union takes care of students and makes sure that their interests are taken into account by listening to and addressing major or minor problems of each student. The doors of the RSU Student Union (RSU main building, Block C, Room 213) are always open!