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For Students

In March this year, the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Career Centre and master’s students from the Supervision programme provided lecturers and doctors with free remote supervisions. The demand was so high that almost all places were filled up in the first weeks.

The results of a survey that the RSU Career Centre compiled show that almost all (90%) respondents rated the sessions they received as excellent or good. Supervisors’ performance was also been highly rated indicating that the prospective supervisors are professional.

Here, we share the results of the survey and some of the benefits that the participants received. This might help someone to learn about supervision and encourage them to sign up themselves.

Positive outcomes that participants described:

  • Identifying goals and how to achieve them
  • Confidence to act
  • Defining personal goals
  • Renewing professional boundaries
  • Reminder about personal boundaries and confidentiality
  • Feeling of emotional peace
  • Realising specific steps to improve well-being
  • Suggestions on how to avoid burnout
  • Reassurance, support and encouragement
  • New perspective on a problem
  • Reduced anger, clarity on how to proceed

The RSU Career Centre intends to continue cooperating with students from the Supervision programme. This experience has shown that the service is in demand and that it helps. The Career Centre intends to cooperate with students from other RSU study programmes as well to enable students to learn practical skills through the Career Centre.