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The World Health Organisation (WHO) Depository Library in Latvia is one of the departments of Rīga Stradiņš University Library. The Depository Library contains materials on WHO worldwide health activities, WHO bulletins, laws and regulations, statistical data, reports and publications on AIDS and its control, alcoholism and smoking, cardiovascular diseases, environmental and societal issues, maternal and child health, oncological and infectious diseases, mental health, nutrition and food safety, water supply and sewage and other health, environmental and social issues. The Library receives sources of information from the WHO headquarters in Geneva and the Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen. The materials of the Depository Library may be used free of charge by anyone interested.


  • Books (monographs, guidelines, glossaries, etc.);
  • Materials and information reports of WHO conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • WHO Assembly and Session documents;
  • Reference and statistical publications;
  • WHO serial and periodicals;
  • The Bulletin of the WHO;
  • WHO Drug Information;
  • Weekly Epidemiologicai Record (available only electronically);
  • Technical Report Series;
  • Environmental Health Criteria;
  • Concise International Chemical Assesment Documents;
  • WHO Regional Publications/European Series;
  • Basic Documents;
  • World Health Reports.


  • Lending materials for work at home for a period of up to 2 weeks;
  • Providing materials for on-site work in the reading room;
  • Creating lists of new acquisitions and sending them to interested parties;
  • Providing information on WHO activities and its work;
  • Selecting information and compiling customised bibliography;
  • Making copies of articles, providing computer printouts;
  • Off-site events: exhibitions, information days.


The Library started its work in September 1998, thanks to the initiative of A. Rūrāne, the former Head of the WHO mission in Latvia, and the support from RSU administration and library. Initially, the WHO Information and Documentation Centre, as it was then called, had a stock of about 3000 units. By regular supplements to the collection, at present it has about 4000 items.

In December 2004, the Document Centre acquired a new status - the WHO Depository Library of Latvia. The agreement was signed by M. Grisetti, a representative of the WHO Headquarters in Geneva, and J. Vētra, Rector of RSU. This step opened up new opportunities for the Library:

  • Free copy of all WHO serial editions and periodicals;
  • Provision of all WHO catalogues.