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Creation of a National Significance Research Centre of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, and Modernisation of its Infrastructure

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
7 347 087.80 EUR, including 6 594 011.30 EUR ERDF funding, 251 270.40 EUR State budget funding, 132 247.58 EUR other public funding (LU), 369 558.52 EUR RSU co-funding
Project manager
Mārtiņš Menniks
Project realization
01.01.2012. - 31.08.2015.


Improve scientific and research equipment and establish an appropriate infrastructure for its operation in order to provide modern material and a technical base for research activities at the Public Health and Clinical Medicine National Research Center, thus contributing to the development of the intellectual potential of research and provide the necessary information resources and their availability, and enhance competitiveness in the European and global research space


Science Center “Kleisti” Rātsupītes Street 5

  • Reconstructed building, the premises are adapted and equipped with modern equipment for the needs of research institutes and laboratories. The following institutions have found new premises and equipment in Science Center “Kleisti”: A. Kirhenšteins Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Institute for Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Joint Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and Immunogenetics and Laboratory of Biomechanics, located in 2704 m2, providing work to 64 researchers, laboratory staff
  • During the reconstruction of laboratory premises, meeting rooms were set up, general reconstruction works and installation of internal communications of the building were carried out for the amount of 1 341 335 EUR (ERDF - 89.2%; RSU - 10.8%)
  • Scientific equipment and hardware have been installed in the centre for 2 173 185 euros (ERDF - 89.75%, RSU - 10.25%). These include the purchase of a high-speed spectral image confocal laser microscope system and equipment and hardware for several research units such as molecular biology, biotechnology and other similar research blocks. In addition, about 250,000 euros (ERDF - 102,162 euros; RSU - 147,838 euros) were used to provide work places for researchers, which mainly included the purchase and installation of laboratory furniture
  • Space layout and equipment at the Science Centre is now available to people with functional impairments

RSU Institute of Oncology Pilsoņu Street 13 (Building No.13)

  • As a result of reconstruction, laboratory re-planning was carried out for laboratory needs. Spatially optimized laboratory auxiliary rooms and meeting rooms created. The layout and equipment of the premises are suitable for persons with functional disabilities. Within the framework of the activity, the premises have been reconstructed in the area of approximately 425 m2. The necessary reconstruction works have been carried out, internal communications installed
  • Purchased and installed a modern scientific hardware and equipment in the amount of more than 1.7 M EUR
  • The workplaces of scientists were furnished in the amount of ~ 28 000 EUR