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The development of a responsible, multiform and qualitative journalism in the national and regional mass media of Latvia, facilitating integration of third country nationals in Latvia

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
108 273.00 EUR, including PMIF funding 81 205.00 EUR and 27 068.00 EUR State budget co-funding
Project manager
Project realization
01.04.2017. - 31.12.2018.


To contribute to the integration of third-country nationals in Latvia through improvement of mass media contents. To form public awareness and to encourage a constructive dialogue between various social groups, by ensuring improvement of the professional quality and contextual diversity of disclosing in mass media events, problems and processes related to third-country nationals and migration


The project is implemented by RSU in cooperation with the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence

To ensure attainment of the project aim, the participants will develop editorial guidelines for the presentation of third-country nationals and a code of conduct. There will be 50 representatives of national and local media participating in a training and acquiring quality journalism. To get a better understanding of integration of third-country nationals and to learn about media practice in other countries, the project foresees experience exchange trips to 4 EU countries (for 10 journalists)

Project stages

  • Feasibility study: mass media contents research covering the presentation of third-country nationals in the largest newspapers, magazines, TV channels and web portals based on their audience 
  • A survey on the training needs for media professionals concerning integration of third-country nationals 
  • The elaboration of the guidelines for the editorial practice and professional conduct regarding presentation of third-country nationals in mass media 
  • Development of a training plan and programme for journalists and other media professionals involved in the presentation of third-country nationals in mass media
  • Organization of training for journalists and other media professionals involved in the presentation of third-country nationals
  • Discussion on the elaborated editorial guidelines and the code of conduct
  • Organization of trips for journalists with specialized knowledge and practical experience
  • Ensure project publicity
  • Content analysis of mass media involved in the project
  • Summary of the project outcomes, organization of the closing event and a discussion