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About Study Course

Credit points / ECTS:2 / 3
Course supervisor:Diāna Platace
Study type:Full time
Course level:Bachelor
Target audience:Nursing Science
Language:English, Latvian
Branch of science:Medicine


To develop pedagogical and communication skills in the education of patients and society, to integrate the acquired knowledge base and pedagogical skills into practice and apply them practically in educating patients and society. Participate in patient and public health educational work in various educational institutions of the society.


Intestinal diseases, psychosocial needs, interpersonal communication in health care, introduction to psychology and sociology, public health and epidemiology.

Learning outcomes


As a result of the study course, students will acquire knowledge about the educational work of patients and society in different educational institutions of the society, their tasks and principles of operation, the types, approaches and methods of education of patients and society.


Students will develop pedagogical and communication skills, will be able to identify the topical issues of patient and community education, will be able to apply educational methods and tools for educating patients and society, plan and implement patient and community training in the form of lectures/classes, integrating and using the appropriate basic theoretical knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, skills.


As a result of the study course, students will be able to integrate and use the basic theoretical knowledge, pedagogical and communication skills in practical work for the education of patients and society.

Study course planning

Planning period:Year 2021, Spring semester
Study programmeStudy semesterProgram levelStudy course categoryLecturersSchedule
Nursing, ĀSNMZF4Bachelor’sRequiredDiāna Platace, Ilona Zariņa
Nursing Studies, MZF4Bachelor’sRequiredDiāna Platace, Ilona Zariņa