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About Study Course

Credit points / ECTS:2 / 3
Course supervisor:Ieva Kalve
Study type:Full time
Course level:Master's
Target audience:Business Management
Language:English, Latvian
Branch of science:Management; Business Management


To provide theoretical knowledge and overview of project management specifics in international business. To introduce business project development and management based on the experience of European companies.


Enterprise Management.

Learning outcomes


After successful completion of the course, students become familiar with the basic principles of planning sustainable development of organizations’ activities, including identifying corporate social responsibility, social dialogue and innovation management, linking it to specific project management; obtain theoretical and practical knowledge about projects and management thereof in today’s international environment.


After successful completion of the course, students understand the essence of business projects in international business, as well as know how to manage specific business projects in practical business; reasonably discuss the latest project organization and management forms, as well as management information systems, offer advanced solutions for the project management process; according to the circumstances and the task to be performed, efficiently plan and organize their work, work creatively both individually and in a team and, if necessary, assume the functions of the group leader and activity coordinator, delegating and coordinating the performance of duties; apply theoretical knowledge and apply the acquired skills, including economically mathematical methods, in practical work, to analyse and to identify and solve practical management problems in changing or uncertain circumstances, as well as to make competent management decisions appropriate to the situation; communicate and collaborate successfully with staff, partners, owners, and other stakeholders, preparing and delivering presentations as needed; can solve conflict situations.


After successful completion of the course, students are able to independently manage business projects in an international context; based on the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge, perform highly qualified professional project management functions, analyse scientific literature in the field of project management, formulate the problem, carry out qualitative/ quantitative research using information technologies, and offer reasoned and scientifically based solutions to the problem, using modern project management methods and tools; plan and implement projects in accordance with the requirements of the external environment, strategies, mission and objectives, in the interest of stakeholders and in cooperation with other companies and stakeholders; take responsibility for their team performance using their leadership skills.

Study course planning

Planning period:Year 2021, Autumn semester
Study programmeStudy semesterProgram levelStudy course categoryLecturersSchedule
International Business and Law, SBTM1Master’sLimited choiceIeva Kalve, Anželika Zorina
International Business and Law, SBTMe1Master’sLimited choiceIeva Kalve
Management of International Marketing and Business, SMBVMe1Master’sLimited choiceIeva Kalve
Management of International Marketing and Business, SMBVM1Master’sLimited choiceIeva Kalve