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The year 2020 marks the university's 70th anniversary. Over these seven decades we have evolved from being a local medical institute to a modern European university in the fields of healthcare and social sciences. In these years more than 35,000 graduates have received powerful seed capital from the university – research-based competitive knowledge and skills developed using world-class technologies. Thousands of lecturers, researchers and administrative employees have been a part of the university community during this time, helping it to grow and become a flagship in the field.

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Anniversary greetings


I wish for RSU to continue to grow and become the best university for nursing!

Madara Blumberga,
2-year student in the Master's Nursing study programme, and winner of Best Nurse in the 2020 Latvijas sirdsmāsiņa awards

I wish the lecturers success in educating students in such a way that they don't have any desire to leave Latvia to look for greener pastures. We have to do everything possible to encourage young specialists to stay here!

Prof.em. Biruta Kupča, Academic staff, RSU

I would like to see the university in constant development. Let’s be open to the world!

Prof. Inga Millere, Dean, Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare, RSU

Not to be caught up in messy politics, and to preserve the great things that we have! To think of the people who work here and to fight for them!

Assoc. Prof. Andrejs Šķesters, Manager, Leading Researcher, Scientific Laboratory of Biochemistry, RSU

Remember that 70 years is not much! The university is still young, so we have to keep the progress going! We need to renew what is necessary, to give up the things that are in our way, and keep listening to students and take their ideas and suggestions into account.

Māris Lapšovs, student, RSU


I wish for it to become more recognisable in both Europe and the world, because we have a lot to give and to tell. I also wish for RSU to get a louder voice and independence, and the rest will follow.

Una Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Manager, China Studies Centre, RSU


To continue growing and aiming even higher by offering only the most modern higher education of the best quality! To work according to set goals, current trends, and the students’ interests!

Anna Jete Gauja, Chair of the Board, Student Council, RSU


I wish for RSU to always prioritise the quality of education and science, maximise the support provided to lecturers for teaching and research, and to be proud of its students! And also to see the value of the humanities and social sciences in medicine and healthcare.

Anna Žabicka, Researcher, RSU

RSU anniversary logo

The logo of the 70th anniversary of RSU symbolises openness and the university's continuous development. The graphic elements symbolise a ripple effect caused by exchanging knowledge, experience, research, inventions, ideas and waves of discussion and intellectual growth that meet and overlap serving as an agent of change in Latvia and the world. These features shape RSU into an international and open centre for research, cooperation and growth.