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Work experience

2005 - Present

Associate Professor

Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Oral Health

2005 - Present

Associate Professor

Faculty of Dentistry, Academic School of Dental Hygiene

1996 - Present

Methodologist - Director

Faculty of Dentistry, Academic School of Dental Hygiene

Education and training

1998 - Present

Dr. med.

Medical Academy of Latvia

Tille of the doctoral thesis "Biological active agents containing dentifrice clinical trial for treatment and prophylaxis of teenagers gingivitis"; Scientific supervisor: prof. Ruta Care

1987 - 1991

Doctoral courses

Medical Academy of Latvia

1985 - 1987

Graduated residency in Paedodontics

Riga Medical institute

1974 - 1979

Diploma of Stomatologist (DDS) - with honour

Riga Medical institute

1961 - 1973

Diploma of Secondary education

Riga secondary school


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade


European Global Oral Health Indicators Development Project Phase I and II Paris, Lyon (France) – Latvian representative. ​Regular meetings during the period 2003 - 2011.​
International distance learning course "Oral health promotion public health perspective" seminar Falum University of Dalarna (Sweden ) - speaker. Nordplus project, University of Turku (Finland), 2010 - lecturer.
International Dental Hygienists Association Congress in Glasgow – (Scotland), 2010 - speaker. Sertificate.
Baltic Dental Association annual conference in Sigulda (Latvia), 2010 - speaker.
Council of European Chief Dental officers (CECDO)​ - member and Latvian representative since 1997. Regulary attending the meetings in all EU countries. During the Latvian presidency in 2015, organizer, speaker.
European Council of Dentists (CED) - Latvian representative ​2010 - 2012.
International Peer Review of the Programmes in the field of Dental Care in Lithuania, Dentis`s and Dental Hygienis`s education evaluation - international expert, 2012 - 10 programmes, 2015 - 5 programmes.
„Alliance for a Cavity Free Future"- Latvian representative and council member, press conference in Warsav (Poland) 25th of June 2014, video conferece for European Eastern European countries, 2015.gada 14.septembris.​Sertificate.
Project Nordic-Baltic Dental Hygiene – Oral Health/NPHE-2015-2016/10047 in the frames of the project online course „Best Practices in Oral Health Care" (5ECTS) was created in cooperation with representatives from the Turku, Kaunas and Riga Stradins universities. Attendace of regular meetings, participation in creation of the project. Final meeting in Vilnius (Lithuania), 28th of September – 2nd of October, 2015.




Field of research



  • Oral health and epidemiology.
  • Toothpaste clinical trials.
  • Oral health care models.
  • Dental hygienist`s education models in the world.


Head of the study programme




Rīga Stradiņš University, 1st Level Professional, Full-time studies, Dental Hygiene​


Supervised study course

Dental Public Health

Occlusive Dysfunction


Paediatric Dentistry

Public Health and Dental Care

Public Health Care in Dentistry

Qualification Paper

Head of study course



Denatal Public Health


Lectured study course

Dental Public Health

Educational Work - Placement in the Promotion of Oral Health

Oral health education work

Paediatric Dentistry

Public Health and Dental Care

Public Health Care

Public Health Care in Dentistry

Research in Dentistry

Supervised and reviewed student research papers




doctoral theses: -

Master's theses: 2

qualification papers: 42


doctoral theses: 1

Master's theses: 4

qualification papers: 26






Project manager:​ Epidemiological study "Oral Health for school children in Latvia 2015/2016 s.y." in cooperation with the Center of disease prevention and control (SPKC). Protocol Nr.SPKC 2015/26. Agreement Nr.P/2015-89.

Project manager: In frames of he project „An European Non Carious Cervical Lesions-Dentine Hypersensitivity and Associated Risk Ractors Developmental programme" ESCARCEL , Special Euro Oral Health Non Carious Cervical Lesions (NCCL) and Dentine Hypersensitivity Questionnaire study. Done at the Institute of Stomatology, Riga Stradins University during the period 5th of January 2011 to 1st of December 2012 for children and young people. The European study was a cross-sectional, observational, multi - centre epidemiological study that took place in Estonia, CZ, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Finland, France, Turkey and UK ( contract number SPC 2002472).

Leading researcher:​ project "A clinical study to assess the comparative efficacy of an antibacterial dentifrice on plaque levels using Fluorescence Digital Imaging" 2009.-2011. Protocol Number DHU-1109-NM-18.11.2009 - Version1,0.Study Sponsor - Colgate Palmolive Dental Health Unit, Manchester University, UK.

Member of the project group​: The EGOHID (European Global Oral Health Indicators Development) project started in 2002 under the European Health Monitoring Programme. The challenge was to define valid indicators that would cover common concerns and would have the same meaning throughout the different European health care systems. The EGOHID phase I (2003-2005) project was successful in identifying a set of 40 indicators which drew on and consolidated previous work. Phase II (2006-2008) was working towards providing methodological criteria for the collection of the epidemiological, social and behavioural data realting to oral health within the European Union. Institute of Stomatology, Riga Stradins University was associated partner during the project II phase. Leading the Work-Package 4 „Harmonization of knowledge".​ In January 2008 a group of 20 dentists at the Institute of Stomatology, Riga Stradins University were calibrated by the EGOHID (European Global Oral Health Indicators Development) project specialists in using new Clinical Assesment forms with ICDAS (International Caries Detection and Assessment). Team leader and member of the group.​

Leading researcher:​ project "Relative anticaries efficacy of fluoride toothpastes with and withoutbthe addition of 0,15% Calcium Glycerophosphate (CGP) measured using Quantitative Light Fluoroscence".2004.-2007. Protocol Number CRO-1103-CAR-QLF_UK, Version1,1.Study Sponsor - Colgate Palmolive Dental Health Unit, Manchester University, UK.​






Participating in Tempus Phare JEP 12538-97 "Development of dental education in Latvia to EU standarts" in paedodontics program University of Wales, College of Medicine (UK),September,1999.

Tempus – Phare project fellowship to visit University College London (UK) Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. (Prof. A.Sheiham), April -May, 1996.​

Soros Foundation in Latvia and ALPHA foundation in USA - fellowship for visiting State University of New York at Buffalo (USA) and University of Toronto (Canada) ADA (American Dental Association) fellowship for visiting their annual meeting in Orlando (USA). October-November, 1992.

Fellowship for East Europeans to the Faculty of medicine and Odontology, the University of Goteborg (Sweden) - two months residence at the Department Paedodontics (Prof. Jorgen Noren). ​October-November, 1991.


Awards and recognitions



2015. Certificate of Recognition of the Riga Stradins University






Research articles​​


Dentīna hipersensitivitāte : XXI gadsimta izaicinājums zobārstniecībā / A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola, I.Maldupa, E.Jansone // Doctus. Iel. "Mutes veselība" - Nr.5 (2010), 38.-40.lpp.

Kariesa riska noteikšana zobārstniecībā / I.Maldupa, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola, A.Mihailova // Doctus. Iel. "Mutes veselība" - Nr.5 (2010), 32.-34.lpp.

Stomatoloģiskā statusa izvērtējums Kurzemes novada sociālās aprūpes centru klientiem / A.Vidžis, A.Brinkmane, I.Krasta, E.Senakola, Dz.Rudīte Ozoliņa // Zinātniskie raksti : 2009.g. medicīnas nozares pētnieciskā darba publikācijas / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2010. - 490.-497.lpp.

Bidiņa, Maija. Mutes saslimšanu profilakse staru un ķīmijterapijas pacientiem / M.Bidiņa ; darba vad.: E.Senakola // Zobārstniecības Raksti. - Nr.1 (2011), 23.-25.lpp.

Care, Rūta. Bērnu mutes veselības problēmas un iespējamie risinājumi / R.Care, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola // Latvijas Ārsts. - Nr.5 (2011), 65.-68.lpp.

Ksilitols kā kariesa profilakses līdzeklis / B.Rūple, J.Gudkina, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola // Zobārstniecības Raksti. - Nr.1 (2012), 30.-34.lpp.

Blumberga, Anta. Fluors - brīnumdaris vai bende? : [par fluorīdu lietošanu zobu veselības profilaksei] / A.Blumberga, E.Ritums ; tekstā stāsta Latvijas Zobārstu asociācijas viceprezidente A.Brinkmane, imunologs L.Līcītis, Zobu higiēnistu akadēmiskās skolas vadītāja E.Senakola, zobārste L.Brēde // Medicus Bonus. - Nr.16 (2014, janv./febr./marts), 66.-69.lpp.

Fluorīdu lietošanas vadlīnijas Latvijā / A.Brinkmane, I.Maldupa, E.Senakola ...[u.c.] // Doctus. - Nr.8 (2014, aug.), 24.-[29.]lpp.




Comparison of dental health indicators among institutionalized and non-institutionalized elderly people over 60 years in Latvia / I.Krasta, A.Vidzis, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola // 3rd International interdisciplinary scientific conference "Society. Health. Welfare" & 1st Congress of rehabilitation doctors of Latvia (Riga, Nov.11-12, 2010) : Abstracts / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte ...[u.c.]. - Riga, 2010. - P.54-55.

Impact of painful temporomandibular disorders (TMD) on life quality in adolescents [Elektroniskais resurss] / M.Sevastjanova, E.Senakola, A.Brinkmane, N.Zlobina // 13th World Congress on Pain (Monreal, Canada, Aug.29-Sept.2, 2010) : Abstracts [Elektroniskais resurss]. - Monreal, 2010. - 1p. on CD-ROM.

Mutes dobuma veselības stāvokļa salīdzinošs izvērtējums Zemgales un Kurzemes sociālās aprūpes centru klientiem un atbilstošās vecuma grupas Latvijas iedzīvotājiem pēc 60 gadu vecuma / I.Krasta, A.Brinkmane, A.Vidžis, E.Senakola ...[u.c.] // 2010.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2010.g. 18.-19.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2010. - 49.lpp.

Temporomandibulārie traucējumi pusaudžiem Latvijā un to ietekme uz dzīves kvalitāti / M.Sevastjanova, E.Senakola, A.Brinkmane ...[u.c.] // Apvienotā Pasaules latviešu zinātnieku 3. kongresa un Letonikas 4. kongresa Medicīnas sekcija "Medicīnas zinātne un Latvijas sabiedrības veselība XXI gadsimtā" (Rīga, 2011.g. 24.-27.okt.) : tēzes. - Rīga, 2011. - 83.lpp.

Assessment of oral health in 12- year old children in Latvia : [abstract] / S.Skrīvele, S.Bērziņa, I.Rence-Bambīte, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola // Stomatologija, Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal. - Vol.14, Suppl.8 (2012), p.46. - Starptautiski citējamā izdevumā.

Jēkabsone, Aira. Nekariozu cervikālu zobu bojājumu, zobu hipersensivitātes sastopamības biežums 18-35 gadus veciem pacientiem Jelgavas un Rīgas pilsētās / A.Jēkabsone, E.Senakola, O.Vernigora // 5. Baltijas profilakses konference zobārstniecībā (Rīga, 2012.g. 9.-10.martā) : tēzes. - Rīga, 2012. - 7.lpp.

Oral health behaviour in 12- year old children in Latvia : [abstract] / S.Skrīvele, S.Bērziņa, I.Rence-Bambīte, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola // Stomatologija, Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal. - Vol.14, Suppl.8 (2012), p.46. - Starptautiski citējamā izdevumā.

Senakola, Egita. Improving access to quality care : the Latvian experience : [abstract] / E.Senakola // 17th Annual Congress of European Association of Dental Public Health in a Joint Meeting of: The British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD)& European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH) (London, UK, Nov.15-17, 2012). - London, 2012. - P.14-15.

Impact of severe dental caries on oral health-related quality of life of preschool children / B.Pulkstene, I.Viduskalne, E.Senakola, A.Brinkmane, R.Erts // 2013.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2013.g. 21.-22.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2013. - 135.lpp.

Mutes veselības novērtējums 12 gadus veciem bērniem Latvijā / S.Skrīvele, S.Bērziņa, I.Rence-Bambīte, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola // 2013.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2013.g. 21.-22.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2013. - 55.lpp.

Prevalence of dental caries and periodontal disease in children in Latvia in the period of 10 years / S.Skrivele, S.Berzina, I.Rence-Bambite, R.Care, A.Brinkmane, I.Rendeniece, E.Senakola, J.Kalnina // International Dental Journal. - Vol.63, Suppl.1 (2013, Sept.), p.285. - Starptautiski citējamā izdevumā.

Ņizamovs, Marks. Uzvedības maiņas teoriju pielietošanas iespējas Latvijā mutes veselības veicināšanai / M.Ņizamovs, E.Senakola // 7. Baltijas profilakses konference zobārstniecībā "Profilakse - labas veselības pamats" (Rīga, 2014.g. 16.-17.maijā) : tēzes / Latvijas Zobārstu asociācija ...[u.c.]. - Rīga, 2014. - 22.lpp.

Ņizamovs, Marks. Mutes veselības zināšanu un attieksmes izvērtējums 12 gadu veciem bērniem Rīgas skolās / M.Ņizamovs, E.Senakola // 2015.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2015.g. 26.-27.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2015. - 112.lpp.


Books and brochures​​


Veselības aprūpe Latvijā, 2013 / [autori: A.Brinkmane, I.Čēma, E.Senakola, M.Taube, A.Vētra, An.Vētra, J.Vētra, L.Vīksna ...[u.c.] ; galvenais redaktors P.Apinis]. - Rīga : Medicīnas apgāds, 2013. - 318, [1] lpp. - Grāmata izdota sadarbībā ar Latvijas Ārstu biedrību un Slimību profilakses un kontroles centru.

Zobārstnieciskā aprūpe Latvijā / I.Čēma, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola ...[u.c.] // Veselības aprūpe Latvijā 2013 / galv. red. P.Apinis. - Rīga, 2013. - 217.-238.lpp.

Fluorīdu lietošanas vadlīnijas Latvijā [Elektroniskais resurss] / I.Maldupa, A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola ...[u.c.]. - Rīga : Latvijas Zobārstu asociācija, 2014. - 41 lpp. - E-grāmata pieejama:…

Mutes veselības mācības programma pirmsskolas izglītības iestādēm / A.Brinkmane, E.Senakola, O.Veldre, A.Mironova. - Rīga : Mutes veselības fonds, 2014. - 60 lpp.


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