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The aim of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Oral Health is to implement qualitative and competitive diploma studies, organize post-diploma training, take active involvement in scientific work and participate in international cooperation. 

Main directions

  • Diploma studies in accredited study programmes. At the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Oral Health students acquire the basic dental disciplines in the following study subjects:
    • Surgical Dentistry;
    • Roentgenology – Radiology;
    • Preventive Dentistry;
    • Paediatric Dentistry;
    • Dental Anatomy;
    • Dental Public Health;
    • Cardiology;
    • Endodontics;
    • Periodontology.
  • RSU Faculty of Continuing Education, 2nd Level Professional Higher Education Study Programme Residency in Medicine, implementation of study programmes in paediatric dentistry, periodontology and endodontics
  • Continuing Education programmes for medical practitioners
  • Implementation of doctoral studies - serving as a post-graduate scientific and pedagogical work base
  • Research (student, medical resident, doctoral student etc. research, international and local research projects)
  • Cooperation with other Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) structural units, local and international institutions 

Research directions

  • Epidemiological research of prevalence and intensity of dental caries and other diseases of the hard tissues, periodontal and endodontic diseases
  • Caries risk assessment for different age groups
  • Oral health in children with congenital clefts
  • Dental caries and side-effect treatment methods
  • Prevention programmes for different age groups
  • Latest technologies in paediatric dentistry and treatment of dental caries
  • The impact of social, economic and psychological factors on oral health

Research topics

  • I. Jeļisējeva: Dentistry in Latvia, 1918–1940 (supervisors: Prof. A. Brinkmane, Dr. Med. I. Lībiete)
  • L. Zamure: Anthropometric radiological jawbone examination for dental implant patients (supervisor: Prof. A. Skaģers, lecturer L. Neimane)
  • M. Ņizamovs: Oral health status and efficiency of behaviour change programmes in schoolchildren in Latvia (supervisor: Asoc. Prof. E. Senakola, lecturer I. Maldupa)
  • S. Skrīvele: Carries and its risk factors among Riga preschool children at the age of 2 – 3 years (supervisors: Prof. R. Care, lecturer S. Bērziņa)
  • I. Maldupa: Caries risk group selection and development of targeted preventive measures (supervisor.: Prof. A. Brinkmane)
  • A. Mindere-Gūbele: Microflora of root filled teeth with apical periodontitis and its sensitivity to antibacterial substances (supervisor: Asoc. Prof. R. Kundziņa)
  • L. Kroniņa: Correlation of the children’s dental fear and anxiety with oral health in children of 4 – 12 years of age (supervisor: Prof. R. Care)
  • I. Jerša: Oral health in 35-44 year old adults living in Riga (supervisors: Prof. R. Kundziņa, lecturer I. Rence-Bambīte)
  • I. Rendeniece: Prevention programme development and evaluation of advancement of caries in pregnant women and their children (supervisors: Prof. R. Care, Prof. A. Brinkmane)
  • K. Krasone: Dental anomalies and oral health in children with congenital clefts in Latvian population (supervisors: Prof. R. Care, Prof. I. Akota)
  • J. Kalniņa: Ozone therapy in prevention and treatment of carries in permanent teeth (supervisor: Prof. R. Care)


  • Gudkina J, Amaechi BT, Abrams SH, Brinkmane A, Jelisejeva I., Petrosina E. "The effect of MI Varnish™ on caries increment among 6 and 12 years old children in Riga, Latvia. A 3 year study." Caries Res 2021; p.71. DOI: 10.1159/000517875
  • Gudkina J., Amaechi B.T, Abrams S.H, Brinkmane A. “Caries Increment and Oral Hygiene Changes in 6 and 12 Years Old Children in Riga, Latvia. A Three Year Follow Up Report.” Caries Res 2017; 51:354 (abstract)
  • Gudkina J., Amaechi B.T, Abrams S.H, Brinkmane A. “Caries Increment and Dietary Habits in 6 and 12 Year Old Children in Riga, Latvia.” Caries Res 2015; 49,345. (abstract)
  • Gudkina J., Amaechi B.T, Abrams S.H, Brinkmane A., Rogovska I.  “Sensitivity and Specificity of dmfs/DMFS to ICDAS II in Riga’s Children with Baseline Age 6 and 12 Years: A Follow-Up Study.” Caries Res 2013; 47:483. (abstract)
  • Gudkina J., Abrams S.H, Brinkmane A., Rogovska I., Locāne G. ”ICDAS II and Salivary Cariogenic Microflora in Caries Development in Riga’s Children with Baseline Age 6 and 12 Years: A Follow-Up Study.” Caries Res 2011; 45:207. (abstract)
  • Gudkina J., Brinkmane A., Rogovska I., Maldupa I. “Sugar and fluoride as factors influencing caries experience among 6- and 12-year-olds in Riga, Latvia.” Caries Res 2009; 43:203. (abstract)
  • Gudkina J., Brinkmane A., Rogovska I. ”Dental Caries experience in relation to salivary cariogenic microflora, secretion rate buffer capacity among 6-year-old and 12- year old children in Riga.” Caries Res 2007; 41:319 (abstract)

Academic and scientific cooperation

International cooperation

  • ERASMUS project cooperation partners:
    • Cardiff University (United Kingdom);
    • University of Helsinki (Finland);
    • University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy, Institute of Odontology, Department of Oral Medicine (Sweden);
    • Technical University of Dresden (Germany);
    • University of Oslo (Norway). 
  • Friedrich-Schiller - University Jena (Germany)
  • Vilnius University (Lithuania) 
  • Kaunas University of Medicine (Lithuania)
  • University of Tromso (Norway)
  • World Health Organization
  • University of Valparaiso (Chile) 
  • Southern University of Chile (Chile)
  • University of Dundee (United Kingdom)
Local cooperation
  • RSU Academic School of Dental Hygiene 
  • RSU Departments
  • Latvian Dental Association
  • Latvian Dental Hygienists Association 
  • Ministry of Welfare 
  • Latvian Medical Association

Participation in international and local projects

  • Epidemiologic study implemented in cooperation with the University of Lyon (France) on-carious tooth defects and associated risk factors
  • International distance learning course implemented in cooperation with Dalarna University (Sweden) Oral health – public health promotion perspective
  • Nordplus project
  • International project implemented in cooperation with the University of Helsinki (Finland) Smoking habits, attitudes and knowledge on smoking cessation of Stomatology Faculty students
  • European Global Oral Health Indicators Development Programme (EGOHID)

Membership in international organizations and associations

  • Pierre Fauchard Academy
  • International Association of Dental Research
  • European Association of Dental Public Health
  • International College of Dentists European Section
  • Council of European Chief Dental Officers
  • Council of European Dentists
  • International Federation of Dental Hygienists
  • FDI World Dental Federation

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