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For graduates

This year the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Alumni Association celebrates its 10th anniversary. On 7 June members of the RSU Alumni Association gathered at the restaurant Annas Dārzs to celebrate this event together, and to reminisce about the past decade.

Professor Aigars Pētersons, RSU Rector, opened the event by congratulating the participants with a festive speech. Then Dins Šmits, the Chairman of the Board of the RSU Alumni Association, introduced the guests with the most notable achievements in 2018 and spoke about the new networking event of the RSU Alumni Association Intelligence Club, the launch of the campaign I Am RSU, the development of the Science Platform and the successful co-operation with the RSU Student Union, as well as with alumni associations from other universities.

Meanwhile Juris Šleiers, Board Member of the RSU Alumni Association, shared his memories about the foundation of the RSU Alumni Association, and the ten years he has been with the association. Šleiers spoke about the work of the board and the people who have inspired the association to develop and thrive.

Mārīte Seile is a teacher, a physicist-mathematician, the former Minister of Education and the Head of the education project Iespējamā misija. Seile was the special keynote speaker of the evening speaking about an important and always relevant theme – quality of education.

The anniversary celebrations were spent in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere organised by Artūrs Kaļva, Executive Director of the RSU Alumni Association, and Elizabete Ribalkina, Assistant to the Executive Director. After the official part of the event was over guests were invited to participate in various activities like writing down their wishes, taking photos and creating a joint painting to commemorate the evening.

It was a pleasure to be congratulated by RSU and the RSU Student Union as the the daily co-operation with them is becoming increasingly close. Other alumni organisations sent their greetings as well like the Alumni Association of the Riga Technical University and the Alumni Club of the University of Latvia - these are the RSU Alumni Association's partners in creating the alumni tradition in Latvia.

We send the warmest thanks to all the guests of the decade celebrations for their inspiring words, the joyful social event and for their well-wishes!